Next Xbox to arrive Christmas 2013?

News Aaron Birch
30 Nov 2012 - 18:19

Microsoft’s next console may be here in a year’s time, if rumours are true…

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, the next Microsoft Xbox, widely thought to be named the Xbox 720, is going to be released in time for Christmas next year. It’s claimed by sources close to the project, who wish to remain anonymous, that the console will arrive next holiday season, and that Microsoft is deciding if it’s going to reveal the new platform during a big trade show, such as E3, or if it’ll instead launch the new unit at a dedicated event.

Microsoft has kept details of the new console very close to its chest, but several leaks have revealed some possible features, such as a built-in, enhanced Kinect, dual CPU setup that may split gaming and multimedia tasks between each processor, and support for 3D.

The target release date of Christmas 2013 would be a very wise move, as it’s the best time to ensure large sales, but the success of the unit will, of course, depend upon when Sony throws its own next gen system, the PlayStation 4, into the mix. If both arrive close to each other, it’s going to be handbags at dawn, make no mistake.

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