Wii Mini emerging for Christmas?

News Aaron Birch
26 Nov 2012 - 18:42

The Wii U may be the current Nintendo golden boy, but the original Wii may not be gone just yet…

Here’s an odd one. According to Nintendo World Report, an unnamed retailer has leaked the existence of a new Wii bundle. This bundle isn’t just another repackaging of the Wii, though, but is supposedly a new, miniature version of the unit.

If the leak has any truth to it, the new console will arrive as early as December 7 this year. The mini console will come packaged with sensor bar, Wii remote and nunchuck.

Nintendo has, at the time of writing, not commented on the leak, or the existence of such a deal, and given the company’s recent statement that it’s stopped making first party titles for the previous generation console, it’s surprising to see such a radical revision of the unit. Add to that the push to sell the Wii U, and the time to launch a Wii redesign is very odd indeed.

Still, Nintendo has also said that it sees a lot of potential still left in the original Wii, and third-party games will no doubt continue to roll in, so there’s certainly some market left for a new edition of the Wii, but with no hint whatsoever from Nintendo officially, and December 7 only a couple of weeks away, it seem awfully unlikely, but stranger things have happened.

Nintendo World Report

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