Resident Evil: Revelations coming to 360 and PS3?

News Aaron Birch
23 Nov 2012 - 18:42

The critically acclaimed Resident Evil: Revelations may be coming to home consoles…

Previously only available for the Nintendo 3DS, and one of the best games on Ninty’s handheld system, Resident Evil: Revelations has been prised by critics and fans for it’s traditional survival horror style and classic Resident Evil feel. This is in stark contrast to the awful Raccoon City and the disappointing Resident Evil 6, which have been widely criticised by fans for ditching too many RE staples and moving further away from actual survival horror play.

Well, if a leak by the Korean ratings board is to be believed, Revelations could be heading to both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in order to redress the balance, and the game has, apparently, been recently rated for home consoles.

Although the gaff could easily be a mistake, it’s been noted by others online that the same board has previously leaked the existence of Devil May Cry HD and Crysis for consoles, both of which did appear on store shelves or for download.

With the actual Resi console releases of this year failing to do as well as Capcom and fans had hoped, and/or expected, the arrival of Revelations on consoles could give the series the shot in the arm Capcom and its zombified franchise needs.

It also begs the question, if this is true, and Revelations is ported to the big boys, is Capcom starting to agree with the large number of fans that it needs to reclaim some of the classic Resident Evil gameplay, in turn halting its advance to become just another third person shooter? We’ll see when, and if, the game arrives.

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