Mass Effect 4 to serve as a prequel?

News Aaron Birch 20 Nov 2012 - 18:30

The next outing for Mass Effect could be a prequel, if that’s what fans want…

Although it’s by no means a solid confirmation, there’s a possibility that the next Mass Effect game could serve as a prequel to the original trilogy. For the second time, series producer, Casey Hudson, has utilised Twitter to ask for feedback from fans regarding the next release in the sci-fi RPG.

Originally asking what fans would like to see in a possible sequel, Hudson has now asked if fans would prefer a sequel to continue the story of the Mass Effect universe, or if a prequel, leading up to the events of the original trilogy.

“Parsing through your thoughts on the next #ME game. Would you be more interested in a game that takes place before the trilogy, or after?” read his Tweet.

A sequel would certainly be an interesting choice, and the universe and lore of Mass Effect is ripe with eras and events that would make for some great gaming. The Human/Turian war and Krogan rebellions could feature, and if the series takes a Knights of the Old Republic twist, it could even take place tens of thousands of years prior to the original trilogy, and explore first-hand the war between the Reapers and the Protheans. Although we know all too well how that turned out, getting to play through it would be very interesting.

The consensus at the time of writing seems to favour a sequel, rather than exploring the history of the ME universe, but with a new developer and a new engine (Frostbite), the series is likely going to be a very different beast to the Mass Effect we know and love.

So, what would you prefer? Prequel or sequel? Would you like another game in the same style as the original trilogy, or do you think the series should explore other genre styles and possibilities?

Casey Hudson’s tweet

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choose the blue option for a sequel, the red option for a prequel or the green option for some alternate timeline nonsense... wasn't trying to canvass everyones opinion what caused the mess of ME3???

Don't care. I'm done with ME & EA after ME3. Didn't even buy ME3. Was so pissed off seeing the ending on a friends console, that I refused to fork out any more money to EA. Bioware are not what they were following the tie up with EA. Should have realised earlier that ME3 would have been a mess. The writing was on the wall with Dragon Age 2.

My involvement with this franchise is OVER after the ME3 ending. Way to kill an IP guys! ...Morons.

I'm hoping for an Origins styled playthrough, pick a race, embark on a personal story, that sort of stuff cause I want to play a krogan, headbutting my way through levels!

You should proof read this article - You say 'Sequel' but talk about a prequel. Also, spelt passing wrong.
Also, sequel. We know very well the history of the universe by now. Also, everything leading up the the original games would obviously in some way lead up to the Reaper invasion, as the entire history of this universe is just that. Future is way more interesting.

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