Crysis 3 gameplay trailer

Trailer Aaron Birch
15 Nov 2012 - 18:33

EA has released a new trailer for next year’s Crysis 3, and it demonstrates a large portion of actual gameplay…

It’s the poster child for impressive visuals, but Crysis isn’t just a (very) pretty face, but it’s also about solid gameplay in an open world. Well, the first game was, but the second title placed a little too much restriction of players, and was more of a corridor-based shooter.

The third game in the series aims to fix this, and as you can see from the footage below, the difficult third outing is looking like a very promising mix of the first an second games, only with far more potty-mouthed cockney action.

Wielding the new compound bow, along with a host of new, and powerful weapons, events this time take a turn for the more human, as the main enemy looks to be the Cell corporation, which has dominated the world after giving people free energy to monopolise he market, and then hiking up bills to reap the unethical rewards (Hmmm, sounds like my energy company).

What’s clear, is that this time, the game is much more open than the second title, with this trailer showing off large, open spaces and flexible approaches to solving accomplishing your goals, particularly when Prophet is seen assaulting a tower that’s spewing laser-aimed explosive death.

There’s plenty of corridor action too, but it’s clear this is going to let players flex Prophet’s considerable skills in a much more freeform manner, and that’s a very good thing.

Crysis 3 will be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in February 2013.

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