First Wii U US commercial

Trailer Aaron Birch

The Wii U is almost here, and here’s the first US-based TV commercial…

Nintendo’s push to be ever more innovative continues with the Wii U, and the console’s unique, screen-toting controller has, despite a lot of initial confusion, begun to stir the interest of many gamers. Although it’ll have a hard time convincing the hardcore gamer to return to the Nintendo fold, thanks to the Wii’s blatant disregard for anything but the casual audience (save for a handful of excellent, key titles), the upcoming list of games looks a lot more promising.

Now it’s closer to the console’s November 18 launch, a new TV commercial has surfaced demonstrating the consoles varied appeal, from snuggle up on the couch media player to party game machine. The ad is littered with cheesy smiles and typically joyful, Ninty family gatherings, but the selection of games shown isn’t all that impressive. Still, it’s limited to first party launch titles, and there are a lot of better titles on the way.

So, where do you sit when it comes to the Wii U? Is it going to be a day one purchase, or has the original Wii soured the milk, and you plan to wait and see? Give the ad a look and see what you think.

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Not a chance. I got burned on the original Wii and the 3DS. I'm done with Nintendo unless the Wii-U turns out to be a bona fide success. I'm not talking about sales, either. I'm talking about a large selection of must-have games with evidence that more are forthcoming. They can't all be sequels or remakes, either.

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