Dishonored DLC packs announced

News Aaron Birch
25 Oct 2012 - 18:27

There’s more stealthy tales from the streets of Dunwall coming, as Bethesda has announced some Dishonored DLC goodies…

Dishonored has been a big success for Bethesda and developer, Arkane Studios, and rightly so, as it’s a damn fine title. It’s dominated the charts quite respectably, especially with stiff competition from FIFA, and the adventure isn’t set to end with the out of the box content.

Bethesda has announced that the game is to receive three DLC packs of extra content. The first of these, which is due to be released in December for around $5, will be the Dunwall City Trials pack.

In this pack a host of challenges, which support online leader boards, will be offered. These will include races, no doubt filled with blink-enhanced parkour, an arena-style combat mission and speciality assassination challenges.

The other two packs are going to be proper, single-player campaigns, with the first putting players in the shoes of Daud, the leader of the shadowy, gas mask-wearing assassins from Corvo’s tale. As Daud, players will receive new powers and abilities, and the pack will take in some new sights of the troubled city of Dunwall. This DLC pack will be released in spring next year.

The third pack’s campaign details are, at this time, unknown, but this isn’t set to arrive until late 2013.

More Dishonored is certainly no bad thing, and the chance to see Dunwall from the eyes of one of the game’s antagonists should be interesting. Add to that the Arkham-style challenge maps, and Dishonored should keep fans going for a while.

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