Wii U launch titles and pricing unveiled

News Ryan Lambie 13 Sep 2012 - 12:50

Nintendo’s launch of its Wii U console is imminent, and lots of new details have emerged...

Reactions to the replacement for Nintendo’s extraordinarily successful Wii have been somewhat mixed. While some have praised Nintendo for listening to the criticisms of the outgoing machine, with the promise of improved multiplayer support, HD output and extra power to entice developers, others have been somewhat nonplussed by its control system, which introduces a chunky GamePad with built-in screen as well as bringing back the old Wii-remote and nunchuck.

Soon, we’ll be able to decide for ourselves whether Nintendo’s got its new console right or not. The Wii-U will launch in Japan on the 8th December, and will be available in two versions. The white Basic Wii-U will be available for 26,250 yen (£209, or $337), and will contain 8GB of memory. The black Wii U, dubbed Premium, will cost just over 5000 yen extra (equating to around £251, or $405), and will come with 32GB of memory and a subscription to the Nintendo Network Premium service, which will offer discounts on games downloaded from Nintendo’s eShop.

A range of launch titles have also been announced: ZombiU, Game & Wario, Project P-100, Nintendo Land and Pikmin 3. So far as we can gather, the price points for these haven't yet been disclosed.

The biggest talking point from the announcement, though, is the revelation that a replacement GamePad (the Wii-U’s new controller, which looks like an iPad crossed with an Etch-A-Sketch) will cost the equivalent of £107, or roughly $172. Although this sounds like an eye-watering price, it’s worth noting that none of the games announced for the Wii U so far use more than one GamePad in any case; additional players simply use the old Wii remote and nunchucks for multiplayer games.

With announcements still rolling in, we’ll be sure to have more news on the Wii-U for you soon - including its release window in the rest of the world. For now, we’re just looking forward to the idea of playing Pikmin 3...


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Totally not interested in the Wii-U. Pass.

Well thanks for letting us know. I was really worried about how interested you were for a while.

£107 for a second controller? Cripes!

I'm afraid Nintendo has had it's time.

What people care about is gameplay. Not gimmicks. Which is what the Wii-U is, a huge gimmick.

Lucky you don't need a second one then, isn't it!

Unless the first one breaks - has been known to happen. Why would they be selling them separately otherwise?

Thanks for letting us know you were worried, I was very concerned with how you felt!

Thanks for showing your concern, I sometimes feel that these forums are filled with cold sarcastic bastards who just post to annoy.

What hardcore gamers care about is gameplay. Casual gamers love the gimmicks - isn't that why the Wii sold so well?

Because you can play certain games with 2 controllers.

BTW Pikmin 3 isn't a launch game, it just comes out within the launch window!

It says in the article above that, so far, none of the announced games use two at once. Additional players use Wiimotes.

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