New Assassin’s Creed 3 screenshots

News Aaron Birch
23 Mar 2012 - 20:35

Some revolutionary new screens have surfaced for Assassin’s Creed 3, and here they are…

The upcoming Assassin's Creed 3 looks set to give the Creed series a bit of a kick up the derriere, injecting some much needed change into the formula, and it's certain that setting it in the American Revolution will make that possible.

With what appears to be a much more open world to stalk your prey in, the launch trailer didn't reveal a whole lot, but we've now got a few screenshots (originating from fan site Gremio De Las Sombras) that show a little more of the world we're going to be free-running and killing in.

Whilst America of the period was hardly blessed with large cities replete with towering buildings, a fact that caused fans to wonder where the free-running element would come in, these shots show some varied environments, such as an urban area, including docks, churches and steeples, that'll no doubt be ideal perches for leaps of faith.

Rural settlements, river kayak trips, storm-blasted forests and more will be Connor's hunting grounds, and his Assassin's emblem-style tomahawk will be his primary weapon of choice to dispatching his foes.

Despite becoming more than a little weary of the series, not helped by the below average Revelations, I have to admit, I'm starting to look forward to AC3 more and more. Hopefully it'll mix in a bit of classic Tenchu-style, open stealth, making for a more fluid and free-form experience. At the very least, it stands a very good chance of bringing something new to the series, and we'll finally find out what Desmond's fate has in store.

Gremio De Las Sombras

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