Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs announced

News Aaron Birch
23 Feb 2012 - 20:09
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

After an early tease, the next Amnesia has been announced, subtitled A Machine for Pigs…

The identity of the next Amnesia game was recently discovered via a secret message on the Internet (link below). This message hinted that the next Amnesia game would be called A Machine for Pigs, but, it wasn't a certainty. That is, until now, as it's been officially confirmed by the new developers.

Talking to Joystiq, Dan Pinchbeck of thechineseroom, developers of the excellent Dear Esther, confirmed that the new game will take place in the same world as Amnesia, but will tell the story of a new character.

The next unlucky soul to get wrapped up in all manner of spooky goings on is Oswald Mandus, a rich industrialist who returns home from a rather troubling expedition to Mexico and begins to dream very bad dreams, falling victim to a mysterious fever. While in his sickly slumber, he finds himself trapped in a strange machine. Luckily, he eventually wakes up from his fever-induced nightmares, but unluckily, the machine isn't just a dream, but is very real, and months have passed since he fell ill. Oh dear.

Promising the same kind of terrifying atmosphere delivered by the original Amnesia, but with a mechanical twist, A Machine for Pigs could well be one of the most disturbing games ever made. One thing's for sure, it's certainly one to watch.

Cryptic Amnesia message



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