Whatever happened to Ubisoft’s elusive I Am Alive?

News Ryan Lambie
23 Aug 2011 - 17:38

In development since 2008, Ubisoft’s survival action game, I Am Alive, has finally resurfaced. Could it finally be due for release next Spring?

The development of some videogames is so protracted, and specific details about them so scant, that they achieve almost mythic status. For years, games like Duke Nukem Forever, Alan Wake and Aliens: Colonial Marines were like urban legends – whispered about, but seldom seen.

In this regard, Ubisoft’s unique-sounding survival action game I Am Alive was akin to the Sasquatch. Announced in 2008, pictures and mutterings of its existence have occasionally surfaced, only for it to vanish again into the gaming ether. But like Duke Nukem Forever, part of the reason for this silence appears to be down to its troubled production.

Originally in development at a studio called Darkworks, it was later handed over to Ubisoft Shanghai for completion – quite why was never explained, though it’s quite likely that Ubisoft liked the concept of the game, but not the creative direction its initial makers were taking it.

The game, in a nutshell, is about surviving a gigantic earthquake in Chicago, which as game premises go, is pretty original. The screenshots that sneaked out in 2009 showed promise, too, though Ubisoft announced in 2010 that it was in the process of "totally re-engineering the product."

More recently, a trailer for I Am Alive leaked online, which stated that the game was scheduled for release next spring, but was swiftly removed by Ubisoft. Yet again, it showed considerable promise, if only because its central idea is relatively fresh.

Meanwhile, Eurogamer has said reported that a classification notice on an Australian ratings board confirms that the game still exists. Further, the site adds that I Am Alive will no longer be a full retail game, but will instead be available on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and an unannounced PC distribution platform.

However it’s delivered, we’re looking forward to finally getting our hands on this potentially fascinating game. Until then, here's the official I Am Alive trailer, originally released in June last year...


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