Gears Of War 3: new trailer, April 2011 release seemingly confirmed

Trailer Simon Brew
13 Apr 2010 - 08:00

It seems certain now that we’re not getting Gears Of War 3 on the Xbox 360 until next April. Here’s the terrific new trailer by way of compensation, though…

With Microsoft focussing many of its energies on its motion capture system Project Natal at the moment, it had been suspected for some time that it wasn't overly bothered about Gears Of War 3 missing the lucrative Christmas market this year (it still has Halo Reach in there, after all).

Over in the US, on the TV show Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, it was pretty much confirmed by the Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games that we wouldn't be seeing it until April 8th 2011. But he did leave us with a taster with what's to come, by revealing a brand new trailer for the game.

If you didn't catch it, here's what you missed...

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