Found footage

How new horror movies use cameras to creep you out

Sarah Dobbs Feature Jan 12, 2015

‘Found footage’ used to be shorthand for ‘truth’, but since we got wise to the trick, horror movies are starting to move on…

Examining innovation in the found footage genre

Christopher Smith Feature Jun 17, 2014

Found footage films may cover lots of the same ideas, but there's innovation to be found, argues Christopher...

Banshee Chapter DVD review

Owen Williams Review Feb 6, 2014

Lovecraft, government experiments and Hunter S. Thompson collide in this lo-fi low-budget horror movie

New haunted house found footage movie gets green light

Haunted house
Simon Brew News Feb 16, 2012

The co-director of Monsters Vs Aliens is the latest to join the found footage bandwagon, with The Paranormalists…

Found footage fatigue

Found footage
Simon Brew News Nov 30, 2011

As a brand new found footage-based TV show is announced, Simon wonders if it's time to admit that found footage fatigue has long since kicked in...