Football Manager

Football Team Coach: the new game from the creator of Football Manager

Barry Collins Interview
Jun 6, 2014

What did the maker of Football Manager do next? Well, it's a football game...

Kevin Toms: the return of Britain’s longest serving Football Manager

Barry Collins Interview
May 13, 2014

32 years after he first released Football Manager, Kevin Toms is back with a new football management sim for the iPhone

Football Manager 2014 review

Kevin Pocock Review
Oct 29, 2013

Another year brings another version of Football Manager, the nerdiest sports management game on the market. Here's our review...

Football Manager 2010 PC/Mac review

Ben Jones Review
Nov 4, 2009

The planet's finest football management game returns for the new season...

Football Manager 2010 dated

Football Manager 2010
Simon Brew News
Sep 16, 2009

Get ready to lose months of your life: Football Manager is returning next month...

10 Best Ever Football Computer Games

The best football game ever?
Simon Brew Top 10
Jul 24, 2008

The beautiful game has done quite well over the years on games consoles and computers. And here are the ten finest examples...