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13 unlikely action movie stars who deserve another shot

Tim George Feature Jul 29, 2015

From Emily Blunt and Helen Mirren, to William H Macy and Ellen Page: the one-off action movie stars who we'd like to see back in the genre.

Revisiting Top Secret! - the 1980s' most underappreciated comedy

Simon Brew Feature Jul 29, 2015

We rewatched the classic 1980s comedy, Top Secret! It took surgeons two weeks to wipe the smile off our face...

Why BoJack Horseman is the new Mad Men

Gabriel Bergmoser Feature Jul 29, 2015

Existential angst, meditations on happiness, a deeply flawed protagonist... BoJack Horseman fills the void left behind by Mad Men...

Does it matter whether stars do their own stunts?

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 28, 2015

As Tom Cruise dangles from a plane in Mission: Impossible 5, we ask: does it matter whether stars do their own stunts or not?

How the Scream TV series defied expectations

Patrick Sproull Feature Jul 28, 2015

Despite scepticism from fans of the franchise, MTV's Scream series honours the first rule of remakes: don't eff with the original...

Revisiting the Nintendo Game Boy

Katie Wong Feature Jul 28, 2015

Before you could be antisocial by playing on your phone, there was the Gameboy. We take a fond look back at the Nintendo classic...

Why Hellraiser is a touching love story

Jenny Morrill Feature Jul 28, 2015

Have you ever watched Hellraiser and thought it was purely a love story between Julia and Frank? Jenny has...

11 largely forgotten UK sci-fi sitcoms

Louisa Mellor Feature Jul 27, 2015

Remember Kinvig, Clone, Not With A Bang? These are the UK sci-fi sitcoms you’re unlikely to see on comedy best-of lists…

What Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 got right

Rob Leane Feature Jul 27, 2015

Spider-Man 2, Sam Raimi’s sophomore Spidey outing, is one of the best superhero films ever. Here’s why…

Games nobody talks about anymore: Pang

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 25, 2015

In 1990, Capcom created Pang, a game about shooting giant bubbles that is still curiously addictive today...