Fantastic Four

Kate Mara on the new Fantastic Four

Glen Chapman News Apr 11, 2014

Kate Mara has been chatting about the Fantastic Four reboot, and her role in it...

Toby Kebbell is Fantastic Four's new Doctor Doom

Simon Brew News Apr 15, 2014

Toby Kebbell is to play Doctor Doom in Josh Trank's Fantastic Four movie...

Fox earmarks dates for Fantastic Four 2, Wolverine 2 & more

Simon Brew News Mar 21, 2014

Release dates for a mystery Marvel film, Taken 3, Wolverine 2, Fantastic Four 2 and a new Ridley Scott movie...

Fantastic Four: the Dr Doom shortlist

Simon Brew News Mar 12, 2014

We know who's playing the new Fantastic Four. But who's in the running to take on the role of Dr Doom in the reboot?

Michael B Jordan responds to Fantastic Four criticisms

Glen Chapman News Mar 7, 2014

Michael B Jordan, the new Human Torch in Fantastic Four, has responded to the controversies over the film's casting...

Casting the Fantastic Four – he who casts the first Storm

Andrew Blair Feature Feb 21, 2014

Casting announcements for superhero movies always cause a lot of uproar, but maybe we should wait for the film itself...

New Fantastic Four cast for upcoming movie reboot

Simon Brew News Feb 20, 2014

Want to know who's been cast as the Fantastic Four in director Josh Trank's movie reboot? Step this way...

How Fox is building an X-Men movie universe

Seb Patrick Feature Feb 12, 2014

We take a look at the X-Men movie universe that Fox has built, what it has planned, and whether a Fantastic Four crossover is likely...

Female Doctor Doom hinted for Fantastic Four

Simon Brew News Feb 6, 2014

The latest round of casting rumours for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot hint at a bit of a change for Doctor Doom...

Josh Trank on the debunked Fantastic Four synopsis

Josh Trank
Simon Brew News Feb 5, 2014

Director Josh Trank confirms that the purported synopsis for his Fantastic Four movie is false...