Famke Janssen

The key things we learned from the Taken 3 trailer

Ryan Lambie Feature Oct 2, 2014

The violence, plot and gift choices of Taken 3 come under Ryan's FBI-grade trailer analysis...

Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen confirmed for Taken 3

Simon Brew News Mar 14, 2014

Liam Neeson will be rejoined by Fame Janssen and Maggie Grace in Olivier Megaton's Taken 3...

Revisiting Robert Rodriguez's The Faculty

Aliya Whiteley Feature Oct 11, 2013

Robert Rodriguez' 90s sci-fi spoof The Faculty may be a messy mash-up of influences, but it's still a really fun mess, Aliya writes...

Famke Janssen interview: Bringing Up Bobby, Bond, X-Men

Duncan Bowles Interview May 15, 2013

With her directorial debut Bringing Up Bobby out on DVD now, Famke Janssen chats to us about her acting career, her love of film and more...

Cameo for The Wolverine revealed?

X-men Origins: Wolverine. Coming in 2009.
Glen Chapman News Oct 23, 2012

A possible spoiler for the currently-shooting The Wolverine lies within...

Taken 2 review

Ryan Lambie Review Sep 18, 2012

Liam Neeson returns as retired CIA operative Bryan Mills in the sequel to 2008’s Taken. Here’s our review of Taken 2…