Edgar Wright

Johnny Depp in talks for Houdini movie

Is this man an e-nigma?
Ryan Lambie News May 28, 2014

Latest reports suggest that Johnny Depp could be about to add a Harry Houdini movie to his busy slate of projects...

James Gunn discusses Edgar Wright Ant-Man departure

Rob Leane News May 27, 2014

The Guardians of the Galaxy director likens Marvel and Edgar Wright's Ant-Man falling-out to a break-up.

Edgar Wright, Ant-Man and where next for the film

Rob Leane Feature May 27, 2014

Why did Edgar Wright walk away from Ant-Man, his eight year passion project? We went looking for clues...

Edgar Wright quits Marvel's Ant-Man movie

Simon Brew News May 23, 2014

Here's a surprise: Edgar Wright will no longer be directing Marvel's Ant-Man.

Kevin Feige on Ant-Man and Thanos

Simon Brew News Apr 25, 2014

More Marvel teasing, as Kevin Feige reveals how Ant-Man helped shape The Avengers. Plus: who is playing Thanos?

Corey Stoll signs up for Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie

Simon Brew News Mar 25, 2014

House Of Cards' Corey Stoll is the latest addition to the cast of Edgar Wright and Marvel's Ant-Man movie...

Patrick Wilson joining Edgar Wright's Ant-Man

Simon Brew News Feb 28, 2014

Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas will be joined by Patrick Wilson in Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie.

Evangeline Lilly linked with Edgar Wright's Ant-Man

Simon Brew News Feb 6, 2014

Evangeline Lilly is set to go from the world of The Hobbit to the world of Marvel's Ant-Man...

Ant-Man takes Batman Vs Superman's original release date

Simon Brew News Jan 24, 2014

Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie has seen its release date move forward again...

Michael Douglas on being cast in Ant-Man

Michael Douglas in The Game
Glen Chapman News Jan 15, 2014

Hot on the heels of his casting confirmation. Michael Douglas has been chatting about what attracted him to Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie...