Battlefield: Hardline launch trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer Mar 10, 2015

EA's next Battlefield variant has a new launch trailer, and you can see it here...

Rumour: Star Wars: Battlefront ties into The Force Awakens' story

Ryan Lambie News Feb 12, 2015

New rumours suggest that the forthcoming Star Wars: Battlefront will tie into The Force Awakens' story and other entries in the saga...

Celebrating Syndicate: the ultimate videogame dystopia

Ryan Lambie Feature Nov 24, 2014

It was violent, thought-provoking and insidiously addictive. Ryan looks back at Bullfrog's 1993 tactical classic, Syndicate...

E3 2014 conference roundup

Niall Mcloughlin Feature Jun 23, 2014

Niall rounds up all of the major announcements from all the major games companies at this year's E3, in case you missed it

Battlefield: Hardline closed beta

Aaron Birch News Jun 12, 2014

The closed beta of EA's latest Battlefield is taking sign ups, so get involved if you're a fan...

EA announces Battlefield Hardline

Ryan Lambie News May 28, 2014

First-person shooter franchise Battlefield Hardline will be taking on a police theme, EA has revealed...

New Titanfall DLC video shows off Swamplands map

Ryan Lambie Trailer May 9, 2014

EA shows off one of the maps in its forthcoming Expeditions DLC for Titanfall. Here’s a look at Swamplands...

Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper interview: Need For Speed

Ryan Lambie Interview Mar 11, 2014

The hero and villain of Need For Speed, Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper, talk driving, stunts, crashes and more...

Scott Waugh interview: directing Need For Speed and stunts

Ryan Lambie Interview Mar 12, 2014

With Need For Speed out now, we met director Scott Waugh to talk about his stunt career, filmmaking, Aaron Paul and more...

Crossing the line movie car chases: Gone In 60 Seconds

Ryan Lambie Feature Nov 4, 2013

We're looking at some of the finest car chases in cinema, in conjunction with Need For Speed Rivals. Here's 1974's Gone In 60 Seconds.