Star Wars: Battlefront - more free DLC coming, EA says

Ryan Lambie News
Nov 25, 2015

There's more free maps and Star Cards coming for Star Wars: Battlefront, EA says...

"Assassin's Creed-style" action game in the works at EA

Ryan Lambie News
Nov 17, 2015

EA believes it's been missing out on the action genre, so it's planning a game in the style of Assassin's Creed, the company says...

EA talks of its plans for more Star Wars games

Ryan Lambie News
Nov 17, 2015

As part of its deal with Disney, EA has plans for Battlefront sequels and other Star Wars games...

Emperor Palpatine: Star Wars' most entertaining character

Ryan Lambie Feature
Nov 5, 2015

He’s the most evil man in the galaxy and the most fun. Ryan celebrates Emperor Palpatine and the actor who gave him life, Ian McDiarmid.

Why EA's new Need For Speed will be always online

Ryan Lambie News
Aug 10, 2015

EA revealed earlier this year that its Need For Speed reboot will require a constant internet connection. Its producer explains why...

Unravel: new trailer explains sandbox gameplay

Ryan Lambie Trailer
Jan 20, 2016

Platformer Unravel's out next month. Here's a new trailer that explains how its gameplay works - it's well worth checking out...

Mirror's Edge: Catalyst gets new story trailer

Ryan Lambie News
Feb 5, 2016

Free-running reboot Mirror's Edge: Catalyst gets a new story trailer. See it for yourself within...

Mirror's Edge 2 scheduled for 2016

Ryan Lambie News
May 7, 2015

We still haven't seen much of Mirror's Edge 2 yet, but EA DICE says its free-running sequel's coming out in 2016...

EA shuts down Battlefield Heroes and more

Ryan Lambie News
Apr 16, 2015

Online shooter Battlefield Heroes is one of four games being shut down by EA over the next few months, it's been announced...

Battlefield: Hardline launch trailer

Aaron Birch Trailer
Mar 10, 2015

EA's next Battlefield variant has a new launch trailer, and you can see it here...