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Oculus Blu-ray review

Ryan Lambie Review Oct 22, 2014

A demonic mirror terrorises Karen Gillan in Mike Flanagan's horror, Oculus. Here's our Blu-ray review...

Space Pirate Captain Harlock review

Jules-Pierre Malartre Review Oct 14, 2014

Anime fan favourite Space Pirate Captain Harlock stars in a new movie... but is it worth the wait?

A Touch Of Sin Blu-ray review

Dan Auty Review Sep 24, 2014

Chinese director Jia Zhangke's film A Touch Of Sin arrives on Blu-ray. It's a violent and gripping piece of work, Dan writes...

The Hypnotist DVD review

Aliya Whiteley Review Sep 23, 2014

Director Lasse Hallstrom brings us an intriguing drama with flashes of bloodshed but little satisfaction. Here's Aliya's DVD review...

Gimme Shelter DVD review

Aliya Whiteley Review Aug 22, 2014

Vanessa Hudgens stars in the true-life drama, Gimme Shelter. Here's Aliya's review of a strongly-acted film...

The Double DVD review

Robert Zak Review Aug 18, 2014

Richard Ayoade's murky, surreal comedy drama The Double arrives on disc. Here's Robert's review of a fascinating film...

Calvary Blu-ray review

Andrew Blair Review Aug 15, 2014

Andrew checks out John Michael McDonagh's Calvary, as it arrives on Blu-ray...

Haunter DVD review

Owen Williams Review Aug 6, 2014

Director Vincenzo Natali serves up a decent slab of horror with Haunter, starring Abigail Breslin. Here's Owen's review...

Absentia Blu-ray review

Robert Zak Review Aug 1, 2014

Before Oculus, director Mike Flanagan made Absentia. Here's Rob's review of an effectively creepy horror...

Bonnie & Clyde DVD review

Rob Leane Review Jul 21, 2014

No, not that one. This is a TV mini series, based on the same true story. Does it measure up? Here's Rob's review...