Doctor Who: Big Finish - The Destroyer Of Delights Episode Two review

Review Stephen Bray
29 Apr 2009 - 06:05
The Destroyer Of Delights from Big Finish

A breathless and breakneck episode of the Doc's audio adventure...

Jonathan Clements’ brave re-imagining of Who mythology continues apace with this second episode of the second ‘Key 2 Time’ story as we finally get ‘round to meeting his version of the White Guardian, as now played by Jason Watkins. The ‘new’ White Guardian is, like his opposite number, stripped of almost all of his power and finds himself crammed into the ‘tiny’ amount of five dimensions in Ninth Century Sudan. He also now sounds like a cross between Kenneth Williams and Peter Cook which is a perfect contrast to the Black Guardian’s earlier ‘cheeky chappie’ appearance. Another excellent and startling revision!

The plot continues apace and, whilst the Doctor’s still stuck out in the desert making plans with the White Guardian, Amy is finding herself embroiled in palace intrigues alongside her mistress Nisrin who provides a little help along with plenty of hindrances. Those intrigues take a turn for the distinctly interesting as Prince Omar tasks Amy and Nisrin with finding out quite what his increasingly confused father, Lord Kassim, is up to.

And as Amy finds out, so do we.

This episode whizzes past and is very enjoyable, although not a great deal really seems to happen. It feels like it belongs in a six parter which perhaps indicates that there hasn’t been the wealth of material to make this story into a full four part story. The change in pace is particularly obvious when one compares it to the breakneck yet plot-filled pace of Simon Guerrier’s previous instalment, “The Judgement of Isskar”.

That said, I am certainly enjoying the Doctor and Amy’s adventures in the Sudan, but I am also hopeful that more things will start happening soon.

The Destroyer Of Delights is available from Big Finish as a CD or download

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