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Doctor Who 50th anniversary DVD & Blu-Ray box set details

Louisa Mellor News Jul 24, 2014

Here's exactly what will feature on the Doctor Who 50th anniversary box set, released on the 8th of September...

Bonnie & Clyde DVD review

Rob Leane Review Jul 21, 2014

No, not that one. This is a TV mini series, based on the same true story. Does it measure up? Here's Rob's review...

Godzilla DVD and Blu-ray release date revealed

Simon Brew News Jul 16, 2014

Godzilla will be stomping onto disc this coming December...

Game Of Thrones season 4 DVD & Blu-Ray release date

Louisa Mellor News Jul 16, 2014

US fans will be able to buy Game Of Thrones' fourth season on DVD and Blu-Ray from February the 17th 2015...

Stalingrad 3D Blu-ray review

Aliya Whiteley Review Jul 9, 2014

Aliya's blown away by the scale of this Russian WWII movie, but feels oddly distanced from it all the same...

What's set to follow Blu-ray?

Brendon Connelly Feature Jul 8, 2014

Will there be another physical disc format to follow Blu-ray? Or are we in the last days of physically owning films?

Thunderbolt And Lightfoot Blu-ray review

Robert Zak Review Jul 7, 2014

Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges' on-screen meet-up gets a Blu-ray release...

Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist DVD review

Aliya Whiteley Review Jul 3, 2014

A sad but occasionally beautiful documentary about a tragic story - so, more than just a sports documentary, then? Here's Aliya's review...

Cellar Dweller DVD review

Dave Adamson Review Jul 1, 2014

101 Films is bringing this 80s monster movie to DVD - but does it stand up to modern eyes?

Amazon not taking preorders for The LEGO Movie in the US

Simon Brew News Jun 11, 2014

Amazon in the US is not taking pre-orders for Warner Bros DVDs and Blu-rays, including The LEGO Movie...