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The Flash episode 23 review: Fast Enough

Caroline Preece Review May 21, 2015

Barry Allen demonstrates the true meaning of the word superhero in The Flash's brilliantly emotional season one finale...

The Flash episode 22 review: Rogue Air

Caroline Preece Review May 18, 2015

The Flash delivers a big, broad hour of mindless fun before getting into the nitty gritty of its season one finale...

Supergirl: a few thoughts on the trailer criticism

James Hunt Feature May 15, 2015

The Supergirl upfront has garnered strong reactions online, not all of it positive. Here's a response to its critics...

Arrow season 3 episode 23 review: My Name Is Oliver Queen

Caroline Preece Review May 14, 2015

In retrospect, was Oliver's season 3 journey all a bit pointless? At least the supporting cast had plenty to offer this year...

Lucifer: debut trailer for comic book adaptation

Rob Leane News May 12, 2015

Lucifer, the new TV series based on the Vertigo comic book, has got its first trailer. Here it is, full of death, smarm and seduction...

Arrow season 3 episode 22 review: This Is Your Sword

Caroline Preece Review May 8, 2015

Arrow's third season has been a tangle of convoluted plots and wasted characters. Let's hope things improve in time for season 4...

The Flash episode 21 review: Grodd Lives

Caroline Preece Review May 7, 2015

This week's wonderful episode of The Flash combines its lunatic joy at the comics world with (gasp) some really good stuff from Iris...

Gotham episode 22 review: All Happy Families Are Alike

Rob Leane Review May 5, 2015

Gotham’s season finale was full of twists and turns, but did it feel like a satisfying conclusion?

Suicide Squad: what to expect from the movie

Rob Leane Feature May 19, 2015

Jared Leto, Will Smith, Margot Robbie and David Ayer team up for a Suicide Squad movie next year. Here’s our primer…

Arrow season 3 episode 21 review: Al Sah-Him

Caroline Preece Review May 1, 2015

Arrow episodes that push Arrow to the sidelines are rapidly proving to be the best season three has to offer, as Al Sah-Him shows...