David Tennant

The Doctor Who video we don’t think we were supposed to see

Doctor Who: The End Of Time
Simon Brew News Oct 31, 2011

Watch the farewell to the David Tennant era of Doctor Who that we’re not sure was ever supposed to see the public light of day…

Doctor Who: 10 great companion farewell scenes

Mark Harrison News Sep 20, 2011

The Doctor’s various companions have provided us with some truly memorable departures over the years. Here, Mark share 10 of his favourite farewell moments…

New trailer for Fright Night finally reveals David Tennant

Simon Brew Trailer Jun 7, 2011

One-time Doctor Who David Tennant is one of the stars of the upcoming Fright Night remake. And this new trailer gives us a look at him, too…

Fright Night trailer

Simon Brew Trailer May 16, 2011

Colin Farrell, David Tennant and McLovin line up for the new take on Fright Night. And here’s the first trailer for it…

At last! The Hobbit greenlit, Martin Freeman is Bilbo, David Tennant set for role?

Simon Brew News Oct 18, 2010

The Hobbit movies are definitely happening, Martin Freeman looks to be Bilbo, and former Doctor Who star David Tennant might be joining up, too…

David Tennant on leaving Doctor Who behind

Simon Brew News Oct 6, 2010

The former Time Lord, David Tennant, talks about watching his last episode of Doctor Who, his thoughts on leaving the role, and what he thinks of Matt Smith…

Video: David Tennant in unaired TV pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer

Ryan Lambie News Aug 18, 2010

A clip unexpectedly appears of David Tennant performing in an unaired US drama pilot, Rex Is Not Your Lawyer...

Is David Tennant being lined up to play The Incredible Hulk?

Simon Brew News Jul 14, 2010

Could Edward Norton's replacement as The Incredible Hulk be former Doctor Who star, David Tennant?