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Broadchurch to return for series 2

Louisa Mellor News Apr 23, 2013

ITV confirms Chris Chibnall's crime drama, Broadchurch, is to return for a second series. Watch the show's extra scene here...

Broadchurch finale review

Louisa Mellor Review Apr 22, 2013

We finally know who killed Danny Latimer in ITV’s Broadchurch, but was it the resolution we hoped for?

Doctor Who: 50th anniversary photo round-up

Louisa Mellor News Apr 19, 2013

Here's a selection of pictures taken on the set of Doctor Who's 50th anniversary episode over the past fortnight. Beware spoilers...

Broadchurch episode 7 review

Louisa Mellor Review Apr 16, 2013

Broadchurch's penultimate episode is a belter. Tense, well-structured, and boasting some great perfomances...

13 answers we need to identify the Broadchurch killer

Louisa Mellor Feature Apr 15, 2013

With two episodes to go, we round-up the remaining question marks in the Broadchurch case. Speculation ahoy...

Broadchurch episode 6 review

Louisa Mellor Review Apr 9, 2013

Broadchurch narrows its field of suspects in the sixth instalment, which begins to pick up the pace…

Doctor Who: more 50th Anniversary casting news

Louisa Mellor News Apr 2, 2013

Another familiar face has been added to Doctor Who's 50th anniversary episode. See read-through pictures and more here...

Broadchurch episode 5 review

Louisa Mellor Review Apr 1, 2013

The press is the real villain in Broadchurch's moral-heavy fifth instalment. Here's Louisa's review...

Doctor Who: 50th anniversary casting news

Louisa Mellor News Mar 30, 2013

Two familiar faces and a very famous one have been confirmed as appearing in the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special...

Broadchurch episode 4 review

Louisa Mellor Review Mar 25, 2013

Chris Chribnall’s Broadchurch reaches the halfway point, and another suspect is in the frame for Danny’s murder…