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Revisiting The X-Files season 1: E.B.E

Jennifer Cates Review Feb 27, 2013

Jenni's weekly pick of The X-Files' first season episodes comes to the best so far, E.B.E feat. the first appearance of the Lone Gunmen...

Revisiting The X-Files season 1: Fallen Angel

Jennifer Cates Feature Feb 20, 2013

Jenny's look back at her pick of The X-Files's first season continues, with episode ten, Fallen Angel...

Revisiting The X-Files season 1: Squeeze

Jennifer Cates Review Feb 13, 2013

Our weekly season one look-back at The X-Files' story arc instalments continues with the episode introducing Tooms...

Revisiting The X-Files season 1: Deep Throat

Jennifer Cates Review Feb 6, 2013

Jennifer's weekly look-back at the story arc episodes of The X-Files' first season continues with Deep Throat...

Revisiting The X-Files season 1: Pilot

Jennifer Cates Review Jan 30, 2013

It's the first in our new weekly series looking back at the story arc episodes of The X-Files' first season. This week, the pilot...

David Duchovny talks about the possibility of a third X-Files film

X-Files: I Want To Believe
Glen Chapman News Aug 13, 2012

Following up on producer Frank Spotnitz's recent comments, Duchovny shares his views on the potential project.

Top 10 TV stars we’d like to see more of on the big screen

James McManus Top 10 Jan 17, 2012

They light up the small screen, but have seen relatively little exposure in the movies. Here’s James’ of TV stars we’d love to see on the big screen…

Is The X-Files 3 happening in 2012?

The X-Files
Simon Brew News Sep 6, 2011

Has Gillian Anderson just let the cat of the bag about a third X-Files movie, possibly arriving next year?

David Duchovny wants to make another X-Files movie

Ryan Lambie News Jan 13, 2011

It’s been three years since the last X-Files movie, but star David Duchovny is still anxious to make a third one…

The X-Files 3 back on the cards?

The X Files: He Wants to Believe
Simon Brew News Nov 8, 2010

Fresh hope for a third X-Files movie temporarily rises, and then appears to fall once more…