Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan steps back from Superman

Simon Brew News Dec 2, 2010

The Superman reboot is in the hands of Zack Snyder from this point forward, confirms Christopher Nolan…

The Dark Knight Rises: no Heath Ledger footage, Nolan confirms Tom Hardy

Simon Brew News Dec 2, 2010

A follow-up to the rumours that old footage of Heath Ledger as The Joker would make it into The Dark Knight Rises, as Christopher Nolan shoots down the rumour…

The Dark Knight Rises: Nolan’s last Batman film, Heath Ledger’s Joker to digitally appear?

Ti Singh News Dec 1, 2010

Could The Dark Knight Rises see the return of Heath Ledger’s Joker, thanks to CGI and unused footage from The Dark Knight? Plus, Christopher Nolan confirms it’s the last chapter of his Batman story…

Christopher Nolan on the Inception ending

Simon Brew News Nov 30, 2010

You got your Inception theories at the ready? Well, Christopher Nolan has been shooting some of them down…

Superman latest: new actor linked, why Ben Affleck turned the film down

Simon Brew News Nov 29, 2010

Why did Ben Affleck turn down the chance to direct the new Superman film? And who is the latest actor being linked with playing Superman? Glad you asked…

Leonardo DiCaprio found Inception confusing too

Simon Brew News Nov 25, 2010

If you found yourself puzzled by Christopher Nolan's box of tricks in Inception, then console yourself with the fact that the film's star was once in the same boat...

Christian Bale on The Dark Knight Rises

Is The Dark Knight cursed?
Simon Brew News Nov 24, 2010

Batman himself, Mr Christian Bale, confirms that he’s likely to playing The Dark Knight for the last time, as he has one or two things to say about The Dark Knight Rises…

The Dark Knight Rises: casting rumours, shooting dates

Simon Brew News Nov 22, 2010

Yet more suggestions as to what the story of The Dark Knight Rises could be based on. Plus more casting suggestions, and details of when the film will shoot…

Superman casting begins in earnest

Simon Brew News Nov 19, 2010

The search is now officially on for The Man Of Steel. But what is is that Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan are looking for?