Comics writer hints at Ultimate Spider-Man joining the X-Men

News Rob Leane 27 May 2014 - 09:20

Ultimate Spider-Man and All-New X-Men scribe Brian Michael Bendis has teased Miles Morales’ X-Men membership...

In a throwback to the classic Uncanny X-Men #139 cover from 1983, which inducted Kitty Pride to the X-Men, Spidey and X-Men scribe Brian Michael Bendis has dropped a big hint that Miles Morales (who took over the Spider-Man mantle in the parallel ‘Ultimate’ universe) will soon join the X-Men in the main 616 Universe by posting this in-progress cover image on his Tumblr page:

It was posted with the caption ‘this is real’ which has left fans speculating as to when Miles will first join up with the mutant super-team. More on this as we hear it.


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is this in the films or the comics? or are you deliberately leaving it ambiguous for hits?...

All the references ('616 Universe') would indicate comics, plus Sony own the movie rights for Spider-man, and Fox the movie rights for X-Men so that wouldn't really work.

Just, why?

I was already really interested in seeing Miles in 'Spider-Men 2' and 'Spider-verse'. This just seems so very superfluous in comparison.

Gotta love that artwork though

Indeed I do, and it's a great homage to the original cover heralding Kitty Pryde joining the X-Men.

Seeing as the story is listed under books and comics news Id say its not all that ambiguous.

So Spiderman is hispanic now? Great. Next month, Black Panther is a white chick named Katy, Kitty Pryde turns into a male Eskimo, and Rogue'll be a form of sentient broccoli.

Hurray change for change's sake!


Your going to drag up this dead horse?

Miles has been around for years now and is an excellent character in his own right not just a Hispanic spider-man, people look stuff up before commenting from ignorance.

Well, this is the first I'm hearing about it, so it's new to me. I'll just hop in my time machine and go back and complain when you deem it appropriate.

Meanwhile, I'm rebooting Blade with Brad Williams, casting Emma Stone as Blackula, and mounting a stage production of Hamlet starring a potted plant. Isn't it fun changing stuff into other stuff because we can?

Calm down, brother. Just seems like pandering to me. Oh, that gives me an idea! I'm gonna remake the Shining starring a Panda! :)

You realise you're offering your own ignorance as a defence? And that you're suggesting a time machine rather than, y'know, google?

Why is one version of Spider-man being Hispanic so bad? Don't Hispanic people deserve to be superheroes too?

Marvel have two universes - the one that's been going since the 60s (30s if you include Captain America) where Spider-man is still Peter Parker, and one they started in the 2000s to re-imagine the stories and characters in a 'reboot' universe - and this is the one where Miles Morales took over the identity of Spider-man from a younger Peter Parker who died in that continuity. It's also the one where Nicky Fury was re-invented as being black. There. Up to speed now?

Everyone is going to have attachments to certain characters which means they're going to be opposed to change, but these sort of changes are not 'change-for-change's-sake'. It's important to try and reflect diversity in a comics universe, so you make things more relevant/identifiable for a changing audience.

Imagine if you're not white - there aren't a hell of a lot of characters that you can identify with are there?

Literally who cares.

I'm exicted by this only because it gives another chance for the Donald Glover for Spiderman campaign to start up again.

I do?

Your right, giving BAME people hero's they can look up to instead of a dearth of white guys is totally pandering.

Hell I'm a huge Peter Parker fan... but even I thought this was a good move on marvels part.

Give people who aren't white and male recognizable super hero's to look up to who Don't have "black" at the start of their name!

Side note: what from a narrative point of view upsets you about this? Is there any reason other than histories sake to say that Spider-man always has to be a white dude?

Let's just turn everybody Hispanic then. Or better yet, let's have a Spiderman for every race and gender and creed ever! Where's the Indian Hindu Spiderman? Where's the Inuit Buddhist Spiderman!

So is this a good start, but we're gonna make a Spiderman for everyone ever, or is this just pandering to people? Or is it both?

Anyway, enjoy! All you crusaders go ahead and make Batman Chinese, and make Superman a Goth Lesbian. See if I care. ;)

No inherent reason he has to be white. Enjoy.

And you're right, the Buddhist/Amish/Mexican Extroverts should have a hero, too! Get on that, Bendis! ;)

You're either a troll or a fool.

Have I called you a name, sir? Other than "crusader"?

You are humourless, joyless, pompous and rude, and are taking all of this MUCH more seriously than I. Good day.

And you are dismissing entire swathes of the populations out of hand just because you think all superhero's should be white and don't want it too changes... frankly I know which one of you I'd rather have around for tea.

So you're having a moan about a character who exists in a secondary Marvel Universe who inherited the mantle from that universes Peter Parker (due to a case of death). And with all that in mind (being a completely different character) you have a problem with his race? Mental.

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