Two-movie adaptation of Stephen King's It moves to New Line

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22 May 2014 - 06:37
Stephen King's It

Stephen King's It is to be split into two films, as Warner Bros movies it under the New Line banner.

There's a bit of corporate rejigging going on here, with one project at the heart of it being the long-mooted big screen take on Stephen King's It. Memorably adapted into a television miniseries starring Tim Curry (that was edited into one feature length VHS release in the UK), the new It was being overseen by Warner Bros. The studio has now moved it into its New Line division however. New Line looks like it might be the new home of the studio's horror output (given New Line's Elm Street roots, there's some sense to that).

Ordinarily, we wouldn't really be interested in a studio shuffling a project from one of its divisions to the other. But we've learned two things from this particular story. Firstly, that Warner Bros is clearly looking to back horror in a bigger way, unsurprising given the numbers that The Conjuring did for the studio last summer. But also, the plan is now to split It into two movies.

The first movie, reports The Hollywood Reporter, will be based on the characters when they were children. The second movie will follow the adult side of the story.

There's no start date for It yet, so it may yet be a while before we see it on the screen. But it does appear to be an active project for Warner Br..., sorry, New Line...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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