Two-movie adaptation of Stephen King's It moves to New Line

News Simon Brew 22 May 2014 - 06:37
Stephen King's It

Stephen King's It is to be split into two films, as Warner Bros movies it under the New Line banner.

There's a bit of corporate rejigging going on here, with one project at the heart of it being the long-mooted big screen take on Stephen King's It. Memorably adapted into a television miniseries starring Tim Curry (that was edited into one feature length VHS release in the UK), the new It was being overseen by Warner Bros. The studio has now moved it into its New Line division however. New Line looks like it might be the new home of the studio's horror output (given New Line's Elm Street roots, there's some sense to that).

Ordinarily, we wouldn't really be interested in a studio shuffling a project from one of its divisions to the other. But we've learned two things from this particular story. Firstly, that Warner Bros is clearly looking to back horror in a bigger way, unsurprising given the numbers that The Conjuring did for the studio last summer. But also, the plan is now to split It into two movies.

The first movie, reports The Hollywood Reporter, will be based on the characters when they were children. The second movie will follow the adult side of the story.

There's no start date for It yet, so it may yet be a while before we see it on the screen. But it does appear to be an active project for Warner Br..., sorry, New Line...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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So they are splitting it like they did the brilliant (well the first half) mini series. I think it could work as 2 movies if they make them 2.5 hours each. Casting for Pennywise? maybe Jim Carrey, Jackie Hayley or my wild card Reece Shearsmith just cause he's a brilliant clown in Psychoville.

I like this a lot. Loved the intertwining of the miniseries (first half much stronger, of course), love the book, and this plan makes sense in the cinema. I do hope there's a small part of intertwining tho

I suggested that they film this way yonks ago in this sites comment sections! I wonder if I'm going to get a 10% cut? Tim Curry would still be ideal casting, he's covered with make up for the entire film, so his age wouldn't be a problem and he was easily the best thing about the TV mini sereis!

Finally a splitting of a movie into two that makes sense beyond making more money. There's so much material, and such an obvious splitting point that for once this decision is entirely justified, looking forward to this.

Got to agree with your comments about the intertwining, that to me was the essence of the book - the choices the characters made as kids and how it impacted on their adult lives - not sure you could do this effectively in two seperate movies.
I still reckon this would work best as a mini series. The original was OK - Tim Curry was a superb Pennywise - but was let down by a shonky ending and the constraints of the TV censors at that time.
A mini series now could go a lot further in terms of the themes and of course special effects have moved on somewhat (altho the problem with IT at the end of the TV show was more one of concept as much as execution)

If it's anything like the Original with Tim Curry, then it will be as scary as hell.

lets hope not Jim Carrey, he is a unfunny jackass, why americans glorify idiots as comedy ill never understand

If it was nothing more than, once or twice, one of the adults appearing to the children in the first part, and a scene or two of the children appearing to the adults in Part 2, that would do for me. As you say, it's the choices they make and the impact they have. I hope the casting (and here and there, the filming) takes place at the same time. For me, some of the most impact ful moments of the book are where those moments of nostalgia and memory seep into the book. One of my favourite books for these reasons, let alone the spine tingling horror. There's a lot of themes about childhood in there, and I always felt the miniseries captures them well (partly through casting).

This is fantastic news! If they make a lot of money then someone high up in the studio may finally greenlihjt The Dark Tower. Nathan Fillion for Roland please.

Not bad news. The idea of splitting it into distinct movies of kids (part 1) and adults (part 2) actually seems alright. I hope they don't skimp on the solid character building which was the underpinning quality of King's novel. And I hope they include some of the monsters which were missed out of the TV movie, and make it a proper 18 cert horror.

I didn't find it scary at all compared to the book.

Agreed about Carrey, not right at all. Pennywise ought to be more like the fat clown from Spawn, not funny or clown-like, more disgusting and horrific.

I was only about 11 when i saw it (probably shouldn't have watched it). But i had nightmares for weeks about Pennywise. Never read the book tbh, might give it browse.

I wonder if they know in the dvd and bluray box Pennywise rips the cover and we can see a vhs tape behind

Many people have complained about them splitting the story that way in the old TV-movie, because it would supposedly ruin the way King's original story handled their returning memories. I actually preferred the way it was done with the movie, how they used the continuous flashbacks to introduce the Losers as adults one by one.

After his recent performances in HANNIBAL, Michael Pitt should be a strong contender to play Pennywise.

Sounds good to me.

old Bob Gray

I'd happily have Curry take up the role of Pennywise again, imagine what he'd be like with a good script behind him?
The book was genuinely scary, I hope they include the moments where the kid (don't remember his name) imagines morlocks dragging him into the sewer pipe and Pennywise has taken the form of a decaying tramp, crawling slowly across the lawn.

You may or may not be interested to know that Cary Joji Fukunaga is attached as director. "who the hell is he?!?!", you may ask....well he directed all 8 episodes of a little-known show called TRUE DETECTIVE that aired this year.

Jim Carrey is more versatile than some people credit him.

If the remake is going to be like the old miniseries, better abandon the project. They totally ruined the ending, the only thing that stood up to the book was Tim Curry's Pennywise.

Personally I hope they don't do the adults/kids split. One of the great things about the two stories running concurrently are the parallels and contrasts between the two time streams, not to mention revelations which come out later in the kids story which might be spoilers for stuff which happens earlier in the adults' story.

I am however in favour of a two parter - give the story a little room to breath.

I can't imagine the casting for Pennywise and also Richie Tozer for this new one being as good as the miniseries.

Hopefully we'll get a more satisfactory cosmic ending this time around though.

I tried to read the book when I was about 13 but had to "put it in the freezer" around the bit in Beverly Marsh's bathroom.

Didn't take it out again for about 12 years.

However, I happily watched the series a couple of years later.

Yeah, the ending was nothing like the psychic battle in the book. I liked it a lot up to that point.

"Shonky" I haven't heard that word since my YS reading days back in the late 80s/early 90s!

Can only agree that while the mini series was entertaining it was a far cry from the book that Stephen King seemed to burn his creativity out on.

"He thrusts his fists against the posts and still insists he sees the ghosts."

love the book sooo much, read at least three times, and listened to audio book twice....would love to see the book done some justice on the big screen, would like to see crispn glover playing Pennywise....

I bet they don't depict the underage sewer gangbang.

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