Latest Book & Comic Interviews

Marc Webb interview: The Amazing Spider-Man, villains, casting, sequels and more

Ryan Lambie Interview Jul 2, 2012

With The Amazing Spider-Man arriving soon, we met director Marc Webb to talk heroes, villains, aging and sequels…

Paul Stapleton interview: Britain's king of self-published comics

Paul Stapleton interview
CJ Wheeler Interview Jan 30, 2012

CJ talks to self-publishing comics guru Paul Stapleton about a brand new series, surviving zombies with The Doctor and just why Bejeweled is so addictive...

Bryan Talbot interview: giving comic book artists the recognition they deserve

Andrew Blair Interview Nov 7, 2011

Unfairly overlooked in favour of their writing colleagues, comic book artists seldom get their dues. Here, Andrew chats to artist Bryan Talbot about the subject…

How To Interview Doctor Who, Ozzy Osbourne And Everyone Else book review

Simon Interview Oct 19, 2011

Jason Arnopp spills the secrets of a good interview in his new book, How To Interview Doctor Who, Ozzy Osbourne And Everyone Else. Here’s our review...

James Corden interview: theatre, criticism, Mike Leigh, John Hughes and more

Simon Brew Interview Sep 27, 2011

As he launches his autobiography, we talk to James Corden about Back To The Future, his love of theatre, Gavin And Stacey, Steve Martin and forgiving Robert De Niro...

Frank Skinner interview: writing, comic book movies, Unplanned and more

Simon Brew Interview Sep 15, 2011

As he releases his latest book, Frank Skinner chats to us about Captain America, stand-up, Ghost Dog and a whole lot more…

Charlie Adlard interview: The Walking Dead, comic book adaptations and zombies

Matthew Sheppard Interview Apr 20, 2011

With The Walking Dead now an acclaimed TV series, Matthew caught up with the British artist behind the original comic, Charlie Adlard...

Interview: Stephen La Rivière on Supermarionation, Gerry Anderson and more

Cliff Chapman Interview Mar 31, 2010

Stephen La Rivière talks to us about his new book, Filmed In Supermarionation, and how he came to the world of Gerry Anderson...

Doctor Who The Writer’s Tale: Benjamin Cook interview

Simon Brew Interview Feb 19, 2010

The co-author of the book that peels back the curtain of Russell T Davies’ era on Doctor Who, we chat to Benjamin Cook about The Writer’s Tale...

Interview Sam Johnson, creator of Geek-Girl

Alan Kelly Interview Dec 16, 2009

Want to find out about the originals of Ruby Kaye aka Geek-Girl? We've been talking to her creator...