Latest Book & Comic Interviews

Joe & Anthony Russo interview: Captain America, Marvel

Simon Brew Interview Mar 26, 2014

We talk influences, Marvel, Statham and brotherly love with the directors of Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Mark Kermode interview: critics, movies and Jeremy

Simon Brew Interview Oct 11, 2013

Mark Kermode talks to us about his new book, the current state of film criticism, and a little film he wants the world to know about...

Mark Millar on Kick-Ass 2, Jim Carrey, Nemesis and more

James Hunt Interview Aug 16, 2013

The creator of Kick-Ass talks to us about his new film, the Jim Carrey controversy, Nemesis and lots more...

Sarah Pinborough interview: Poison, Mayhem, and writing TV

Sarah Dobbs Interview Jun 24, 2013

Between writing about 19th century murderers and reinventing fairy tales, Sarah Pinborough makes time for a chat with us

Dirk Maggs Interview: Hitchhiker's, Douglas Adams, Superman, Batman, & more...

James Hunt Interview Jun 18, 2013

James chats to directing legend Dirk Maggs about Hitchhiker's, superheroes, Neverwhere, sci-fi, and making radio sound sexy, big, and raw...

One month on: director Ben Gregor on All Stars' release

Simon Brew Interview May 31, 2013

Ever wanted an interview where a director talked about the reaction to their film a month after release? Here's Ben Gregor on All Stars...

Martyn Waites interview: The Woman In Black: Angel Of Death

Jamie-Lee Nardone Interview Feb 19, 2013

As Hammer prepares its sequel to The Woman In Black, Martyn Waites is writing the novel. Jamie-Lee spoke to him about Angel Of Death...

Lee Mack interview: autobiographies, Not Going Out and writing comedy

Simon Brew Interview Nov 2, 2012

We chat to comedian Lee Mack about his new book, Mack The Life, Not Going Out, and writing comedy...

Henry Flint interview: on 2000 AD’s 35th anniversary

Andrew Blair Interview Aug 1, 2012

As the legendary comic 2000 AD celebrates its 35th birthday, Andrew caught up with one of its foremost artists, Henry Flint, for a timely chat…

Simon Mayo interview: Itch, Wittertainment and Melchester Rovers

Simon Brew Interview Jul 11, 2012

Simon Mayo talks to his about his fiction debut, Itch, and fits in a bit of Melchester Rovers, and some Wittertainment...