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How The Dark Knight Returns may inspire DC's movie universe

Rob Leane Feature Aug 25, 2015

Frank Miller’s seminal Batman series has been cited as an influence for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. But how?

44 upcoming comic book TV shows, and when to expect them

Rob Leane Feature Aug 20, 2015

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13 geeky beach read recommendations

Den Of Geek Feature Aug 7, 2015

Off to the beach this summer? Here’s some suggested geek-skewed reading to accompany your sunburn and Mr Whippy…

11 underappreciated graphic novels

Den Of Geek Feature Jul 20, 2015

We asked our writers to recommend graphic novels that deserved more fanfare, and here's what they chose...

Looking back at The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4

Michael Reed Feature Jul 8, 2015

We revisit an eighties classic, ITV's The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4, adapted from Sue Townsend's terrific books...

15 underappreciated books: sci-fi, fantasy, horror fiction

Den Of Geek Feature Jul 3, 2015

Looking for a good book recommendation? Our writers have a few unsung sci-fi, fantasy and horror gems up their sleeves...

Orange Is The New Black: how the book adds to the show

Abigail Brady Feature Jul 2, 2015

Piper Kerman’s prison memoir adds a great deal to an appreciation of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black. Here’s how…

Why The Belgariad deserves to be the next Game Of Thrones

Ebony McKenna Feature Jun 9, 2015

Which fantasy book series deserves to get the Game Of Thrones treatment next? We think it's David Eddings' The Belgariad...

What can Fox learn from the previous X-Men TV series?

James Hunt Feature Jun 8, 2015

James looks back at 7 previous X-Men TV shows to see what Fox's in-development series could do well to emulate and avoid...

Den Of Geek Book Club: Who Fears Death?

Kaci Ferrell Feature Jun 2, 2015

Nnedi Okarafor's gripping Who Fears Death is the subject of this month's fiction Den Of Geek Book Club...