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Den Of Geek Book Club: The Girl With All The Gifts

Kaci Ferrell Feature Aug 15, 2014

Kaci takes a look at M.R. Carey's supernatural novel, The Girl With All The Gifts, the latest book club fiction entry...

Guardians Of The Galaxy: what to read after seeing the movie

James Hunt Feature Aug 7, 2014

Has James Gunn's Guardians Of The Galaxy movie whetted your appetite for more? Here's a suggested bit of further reading...

Everything we know about the next Game Of Thrones book

Louisa Mellor Feature Aug 5, 2014

A recce of all there is to know about the next book in George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire, The Winds Of Winter. Spoilers…

Female Thor, black Cap & Marvel’s history of ‘shock’ changes

Rob Leane Feature Aug 5, 2014

Thor is a woman? Captain America changing skin colour? Thor Croaks? Rob looks back at the history of Marvel's 'shock' changes...

Marvel Studios, and the problem of killing people

The Disney-owned (nearly) Marvel logo
Simon Brew Feature Aug 4, 2014

Can important characters ever die in big name comic book franchises? It doesn't look like it...

Den Of Geek Book Club: Wiseguy: Life In A Mafia Family

Aliya Whiteley Feature Aug 1, 2014

This month's film and TV non-fiction book selection is Nicholas Pileggi's renowned Mafia crime biography, Wiseguy...

A Song Of Ice And Fire’s geeky in-jokes

Louisa Mellor Feature Jul 28, 2014

From Monty Python to Harry Potter and the Dallas Cowboys, George R.R. Martin has hidden geeky nods all over the Game Of Thrones books...

Analysing the 1988 Rambo children's annual

Wil Jones Feature Jul 21, 2014

A kids' book based around a violent post-traumatic stress disorder sufferer, played by Sylvester Stallone? We analyse the Rambo annual...

How Buffy The Vampire Slayer predicted Joss Whedon's Marvel work

Kyle McManus Feature Jul 17, 2014

How did Marvel's comic book mythologies and storytelling influence Joss Whedon's first big creation, Buffy The Vampire Slayer?

Den Of Geek Book Club: The Magicians

Kaci Ferrell Feature Jul 15, 2014

Kaci offers up Lev Grossman's The Magicians as the latest subject of the Den Of Geek Book Club...