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Why Syfy's Dark Matter is well worth your time

Mark Pickavance Feature Oct 1, 2015

Syfy space opera Dark Matter caught many off-guard with just how interesting its first season became. Here's why you should watch it...

Why The Mask comic books deserve another movie adaptation

Kyle McManus Feature Sep 29, 2015

Jim Carrey scored a huge hit with The Mask, yet the comic books leave the door open for more films. Here's why they could work...

Captain America: Civil War - what to expect

Rob Leane Feature Sep 28, 2015

Captain America: Civil War is just around the corner. So what do we know about the next Marvel Studios movie? Here's a run-down...

League Of Extraordinary Gentleman film reboot thoughts

DC Feature Sep 24, 2015

Fox has recently announced a reboot for the ailing League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen franchise. We take a look at its options...

Revisiting Terry Pratchett's Johnny Maxwell books

Andrew Blair Feature Sep 17, 2015

A fond look-back at Sir Terry Pratchett's underappreciated Johnny Maxwell children's trilogy...

2000AD at the movies in a post-Dredd World

Kyle McManus Feature Sep 9, 2015

Just because Dredd didn't catch on as hoped, it doesn't mean there aren't many 2000AD strips that shouldn't be overlooked.

Why Netflix getting Lemony Snicket right means so much

Gabriel Bergmoser Feature Sep 7, 2015

We ponder the approaches that could be taken by Netflix's much-anticipated Lemony Snicket adaptation, A Series Of Unfortunate Events...

How The Dark Knight Returns may inspire DC's movie universe

Rob Leane Feature Aug 25, 2015

Frank Miller’s seminal Batman series has been cited as an influence for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. But how?

44 upcoming comic book TV shows, and when to expect them

Rob Leane Feature Aug 20, 2015

Red and Protocol Orphans - both entering active development - join our cheat sheet on upcoming comic book TV shows...

13 geeky beach read recommendations

Den Of Geek Feature Aug 7, 2015

Off to the beach this summer? Here’s some suggested geek-skewed reading to accompany your sunburn and Mr Whippy…