Neil Gaiman writing final story in Doctor Who ebook series

News Louisa Mellor 5 Nov 2013 - 06:48
Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman will be providing the Eleventh Doctor story in Puffin's monthly Doctor Who ebook series...

Here's a fitting ending to Puffin's terrific run of Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary short stories: Neil Gaiman has been announced as writing the final in the series. 

Puffin has published one Doctor Who short story a month since January, one for each of the Eleven Doctors, with a different Young Adult talent each time. From Eoin Colfer, to Patrick Ness, Malorie Blackman, Charlie Higson, Philip Reeve, Alex Scarrow and more, the list has included a crop of tremendous authors, and the trend continues with the announcement that Neil Gaiman is to complete the series.

Gaiman's short story will feature the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, and be titled Nothing O'Clock. Here's what he had to say about the story:

"Nothing O’Clock stars the Eleventh Doctor, the Matt Smith Doctor, with Amy Pond as his companion. I set it somewhere during the first season of Matt Smith, mostly on Earth, in our time now and in 1984, but also somewhere else, a very, very long time ago. I had never created an original monster for Doctor Who and really enjoyed getting to create a creepy Doctor Who monster of the kind that we haven’t quite seen before… I hope that the Kin will get out there and occasionally give people nightmares. And that you will be worried if a man in a rabbit mask comes to your door and tries to buy your house."

Always good advice, that.

The short story will be available as an ebook on the 21st of November for £1.99, and in an anthology of all eleven stories in audio download and paperback versions on the same date. As ever, we'll bring you our review on release day.

Read our review of Derek Landy's Puffin eshort, The Mystery of the Haunted Cottage, and previous stories in the series, here.

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Well I really wish you'd published this yesterday as just last night a man in a rabbit mask came to my door and tried to buy my house. I obviously thought nothing of it at the time, do you think I should be concerned?

As much as I love The Sandman, I've still not forgiven him from writing that crap about the Corsair in The Doctors Wife, that all the Time Lord castrators like to quote. The Doctor's Wife is also massively overrated.

Brilliant! "The Doctor's Wife" was a classic. And I enjoyed "Nightmare in Silver". Gaiman is the perfect choice for 11. More power to him.

Were you watching the same show as everyone else?

If so then I think there's an argument here as to why all day licensing hours are not a good idea!

I genuinely do think it's overrated - I like the idea behind the story, and Suranne Jones is great as Idris, but it's not a classic episode imho - people seemed to want it to be just because NG wrote it - and as for The Nightmare In Silver... I actually thought The Impossible Astronaut 2 parter and The God Complex were much better series 6 stories. I'm not trying to bash NG I like him a lot, I just prefer his non DW stuff.

Well I'd agree with you on Nightmare In Silver but I don't think the fault lies with Gaiman (as has been well documented already). But The Doctor's Wife would easily be in my top 5 new-Who episodes.

Each to their own I guess.

No, that was just me, the offer still stands.

No deal my friend!

You clearly undervalued my property, I think the cracks in the walls bring character, like they are two parts of space and time that should never have touched, pressed together. And what was all that guff about the top floor flat being some kind of spacecraft disguised with a perception filter?

Now, will the 12th doctor get an author afterward the 50th? Such as a certain author I know? Whose initials are 4 letters, the first being a G?

I thought JK Rowling was rumoured to be writing one as a 'young adult talent'?

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