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News Aliya Whiteley Kaci Ferrell 16 May 2014 - 15:35

Welcome to the Den Of Geek Book Club! A club in which Den Of Geek readers will read books...

Fed up of watching films and TV? No, of course you’re not. Scrap that question.

If we had a limitless amount of time we’d be watching all the film and TV that was worth watching, and then we’d start in on the books. But we don’t, so we have to prioritise. The Den of Geek Book Club will point you in the direction of one interesting book every two weeks. We’ll give you advance warning so you can read along, and let us know your own thoughts in the comments section or via twitter/facebook.

One of the book choices every month will be related to the world of film and TV. The second book choice will be something fictional in the sci-fi/fantasy vein.

The book we’re going to kick things off with is Tom Baker’s autobiography from 1997 – Who On Earth Is Tom Baker? It’s out of print but you can find it as an e-book or purchase a second hand copy from the usual suspects.

So here’s the schedule:

1st of the month (or as close as we can get): Film/TV related book

15th of the month (or as close as we can get): Sci-fi/fantasy novel

That means that Monday 2nd June will be the day to read a review of, and chat about, Who on Earth Is Tom Baker?

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Any suggestions on where to get the book as an ebook? I don't think Amazon has it.

I have so much love for this idea!!!

For future book reviews, I'd be interested to see what other people think of Walter Tevis's Mockingbird.

Did Tom Baker hack the site?

Great idea, one I would love to get behind. But please remember not everyone likes Dr Who. I shalln't take part with this first selection but look forward to whatever comes next.

I'm in - will there be a forum or something to participate on?

Will there be a chance to suggest books and maybe review them on this wonderful, amazing, awesome site???

Bearing in mind most Fantasy and SciFi books tend to be in the order of 500 plus pages, is there going to be plenty of advanced warning on the upcoming choices? ( I did read the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy in two days once, but that was a long time ago, before I'd spawned offspring.)

$7.50 on Amazon for the e-book, several used copies for sale there as well.

Well, we wouldn't stop him if he tried...

Why has nobody told us the first two rules of DoG Book Club yet?

Does this include books with pictures?

Excellent, I've just dug out the Harper Collins audiobook version thats been sat on the shelf un-listened to for years, and will start in a few days just as soon as I've finished my current reading matter, the 2008 Interstellar script which is really firing up my enthusiasm about the new movie no end as well.

I would love to suggest works of horror being included in the sci-fi/fantasy category. But for the moment I'll try to nominate horror books for the 1st of the month.

My suggestions are:

1) The original Robert Bloch Psycho 2.

2) A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. Extraordinary, heart breaking fantasy soon to be made into a feature by Focus.

Hmm...Wondering just how mainstream or not the suggestions will be, if starting with Tom Baker. I'm reading some Alastair Reynolds now, as exam stress at uni is giving me more motivation to read some engrossing stuff and this is definitely fulfilling its purpose! I think the only sci fi suggestions I would completely ignore though would be Iain Banks' Culture novels-he never fails to captivate me with his books, then end them in some very dark ways which make me not want to touch his books again...

Have you read House of Suns? Absolutely my favourite of his novels, and one I didn't think I would like at all from the back of the book blurb.

Actually I have read House of Suns, I remember it had some interesting plots but at the moment I'm revisiting the Revelation Space books and I think they make better reading-Revelation Space is brilliant!

I read the first two a couple of years ago and only finished the third last month. Waited too long, but still wonderful :)

Great idea. Count me in!

Maybe because they're obeying both those rules ;)

Ah, I get it, mum's the word ;)

Ok here are a couple of suggestions for reviews: Rivers of London by Ben Aaronvitch, awesome series with lots of interesting, nice mysteries and a good dose of dry humour. Also although they are childrens books I would recommend the deptford mice trilogy, in fact an article explaining why this trilogy should be made into an animated film would nice.

What would be interesting would be to have suggestions of self-published works, rather than big famous things that people pretty much already know about or can discover on any best of list.

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