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News Jennie Whitwood 22 Aug 2012 - 21:39

Jennie explains why DC is going 52 Shades of Red, White and Blue...

DC’s New 52 provided many shake ups for comic book fans: changes to fan favourite characters, confusing plotlines, altered canon and, perhaps most extreme, some characters removed so completely from the DC universe that those in the know have dubbed them toxic.

But the latest revelation has finally put rest to all those tongues wagging, and debating just why Clark Kent's marriage to Lois Lane disappeared.

Who's fit to date Superman? Why Wonder Woman, of course.

Wonder Woman has not been without major character changes herself. The new warrior Wonder Woman has been kicking ass all over the shop, and with a brand new origin story too. Still the princess of Themyscira, Wonder Woman #3 reboot put an end to all of that ‘made of clay’ nonsense and revealed that she was conceived in the old fashioned way – a little bit of how’s-your-father with the daddy of them all, Zeus. The history of the Amazon warriors was muddied further when it was revealed in #7 that they keep their numbers up by seducing men, keeping the female offspring and selling the males as slaves.

Now poor Diana didn’t know any of this, so it would be understandable that all these revelations about your culture and history may leave you a bit fragile, especially for one so noble as Wonder Woman. Perhaps she's seeking solace in the arms of the pinnacle of heroism and goodness Superman? Or perhaps they have just had enough of fighting their attraction to each other in the New 52 timeline.

Superman has had his own problems in the New 52 so far, but the break up with Lois is something that is particularly potent for readers. Clark Kent and Lois Lane are the most enduring couple in comics. The have survived on screen, TV, books and comics and there was always something charming and wholesome about the man with the power to do almost everything, except hide from the reporter with the keen intellect.

You can probably tell from that above paragraph, that I am a little biased. Trying to put that aside, it's understandable that many people want to see Wonder Woman and Superman together. They are like two sides of the same coin – heck, they even both wear red and blue! But when two supremely powerful beings team up in such a way it's unlikely that anyone will be able to anticipate the consequences. They are the new super-powered couple.

It is not the first time Superman and Wonder Woman have had dalliances in the past. Perhaps most notably in 1996's Kingdom Come storyline, when Wonder Woman is shown to be pregnant with Superman’s child – 10 years after the death of Lois Lane (For anyone interested in Superman's reproductive prospects on Earth, check out Larry Niven's nerdy dialectic Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex. Shame on you all, shame we say! - Super CJ) 

What this story all means is not yet revealed, but after heavy flirting for 11 issues it will all kick off in this month's Justice League #12. For those of you who remain sceptical, the heavily-guarded cover for shows the couple in a rather lusty pose and even hints that Wonder Woman is putting that lasso of truth to good use. Yes folks, they have gone there.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Justice League writer Geoff Johns claims this is not a one issue stunt, exclaiming in true comic book fashion that, “This is the new status quo”. Best get on board then.

What this means for any future film franchise is unclear. After all, the Smallville continuation comic has Lois and Clark as a definite couple and there is no sign of Wonder Woman in the upcoming Man of Steel movie. One thing that is clear is that DC has a lot of work to do if it intends to use the New 52 as a platform for a Justice League movie.

Justice League #12 is out on August 29.

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Lois Lane could never have Superman's baby. Do you think her fallopian tubes
could handle his sperm? I guarantee you that when he comes during sex, he
probally blows a load like a shotgun blast... right through her back! And if by
chance Lois does get pregnent, what about her womb? Do you think it's strong
enough to carry his child?
He's an alien, for Christ sake. His Kyrptonian biological makeup is enhanced by
earth's yellow sun. If Lois gets a tan, the kid could kick right through her
stomach. Only someone like Wonder Woman has a strong enough uterus to carry his
kid. The only way Superman could bang regular chicks is if he does it with a
kryptonite condom, but that would probaly kill him!

Snootchie booches...


Thank you for putting the link in to Niven's essay, it's totally awesome and more people should know about it. Much better than Mallrats' bullwad!

Read Man of Steel Woman of Kleenex by Larry Niven for more of the same. But if you work on the assumption that Clark didnt have his powers until he was adult, then his child would be the same. And if he has the ability to punch people without killing them, a little thing like controlling his sperm should be no problem.

this is my theory, but it all depends on which version of Kal-el's origin you're working from. I just assume that because the child would be half-human rather than pure kryptonian there would be some variations in strength and biology, if they're compatible at all.

I haven't followed the DCNU as it doesn't interest me, however if they're starting supes out as a blank slate then it seems only natural that a relationship with WW be explored before things work themselves out with Lois. the whole pining thing doesn't really ring true in this era.

It's also a good visual.

I find the matching outfits a bit funny, but I can see why they're experimenting with it.

I think perhaps it a bit rapid to jump to the baby-making however since they've just started 'going out' but in the end Wonder Woman is at least half human too, even if she is a demi-god, so I'd be amazed if their genetics are compatible at all.

But hey, this is comics, if they want something to happen they'll make up a fancy reason for why it can work. That's why we love them.

As one who was livid about Lois and Clark being broken up. I've been enjoying the lack of romantic chemistry between Lois and Clark in the comics. They've become really good friends, which we haven't seen before. So no problem with this....

It's always a bit of fun speculation in the comic book world though isn't it where you pair up a male and female hero/villain and try to determine what the offspring would be, no matter the practicalities :).

In practice though the addition of children to a mainstream hero just seems to muddy the waters and limit the stories that are told. I can't think of many where it has actually worked without some kind of time travel/sped-up aging/alternate universe being involved. But, as you say, that is the joy of comics!

I don't know about you but I can control the force of my arms way more than I can the force of my ejaculations.

Anyone in charge of anything is desperate, and desperate people commit desperate acts.

I was ok with Superman and Wonder Woman hooking up in kingdom Come, and also in Dark Knight Strikes Back (where they have a teenage daughter) but that is because Lois was long gone. I am also ok with him having relationships other than Lois as long as she is the one he ends up with (remember Lana Lang?). But going "on a break" to get a little Amazonussy is a little much.

And if that term offends you, then try not to think about what the "white" in the "red, white and blue" refers to. After all as the article states they both wear red and blue...

Could Steve 'Nick Fury' Trevor ARGUS lead of the JLA? work as well, if he was still Diana's sidekick come damsel in distress come Love Interest?

For that reason I felt Flashpoint Lois Lane and the Resistance was a missed opportunity. Maybe if DC new 52 Lois meets Morrison's alt.reality Lois 'Nick Fury' Lane, she might do more than be a successful career woman in typical comic book fashion?

Of course if One ensemble movie works why not have two. Justice League allows for JLAmerica... & if not big screen maybe spinning out of Arrow.

And who doesn't want read the adventures of Wonder Super baby/ies and Krypto

Omg, i laughed so hard.....
Still laughing...

i do believe her skin would shield all aspecs of the rays from the child because thats what shields us from them

I seem to recall that Superman is able to confer a level of invulnerability to people close to him. So, Lois would be invulnerable to a degree during sex with him. And she would maintain this level of invulnerability as the fetus grows, by way of the fetus. Lois would be essentially superwoman until the baby is born!

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