Creative differences affect New 52 line-ups

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9 Mar 2012 - 23:58
New 52 creative differences Amy Reeder Batwoman

Roster changes for the New 52 as collaborations turn sour. CJ finds out more...


It's musical chairs at DC as fallings out result in line-up changes on Batwoman.

Multiple comics sites have reported that artist Amy Reeder is off the book, with Reeder citing "untenable" creative differences on her Facebook page.

Trevor McCarthy - artist of last year's Batman: Gates of Gotham mini-series, and whose work is pictured above - will be filling in on Batwoman for three issues. JH Williams III is due to return as writer-artist for #12. Reeder was supposed to pencil #6 through #11 but will now close her run on #8.

Batwoman is a creatively lauded book for DC. Various creators involved with Batwoman, and the book itself, have been nominated across nine categories in the 2012 Eagle Awards.

It's a shame that feelings appear to have been hurt on such an excellent example of high-quality mainstream comics. Reeder indicates the decision and subsequent announcement were at short notice.

Reeder was among a handful of female comics creators working on New 52, but some readers are unhappy with Williams taking time away from the book. Others have commented they will be dropping the book following Reeder's departure. 

The situation is a strange one to call for fans. It appears that the women in comics debate has crept into an art team change. Hopefully someone of Reeder's talent will find the right project soon. 

Other New 52 books are seeing their teams juggled too. Red Lanterns artist Ed Benes will be taking over on #10-12 of Detective Comics until Tony Daniel returns for #13.

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