DC Comics trademarks new company logo

News CJ Wheeler
14 Jan 2012 - 01:04
DC new logo

Only a few years after their last controversial logo change DC Comics has done it again. CJ and Jennie sneak a peak at the digital-friendly new look...


Without much ado, here's the new logo for DC Comics. Sister-brand DC Entertainment received the same design overhaul. Find it a-peel-ing?

It's only been seven years since the last new logo was introduced for the company. The decision to change wasn't too popular then but it's been a grower.

Such a clean new image for the familiar two-letter symbol is quite a drastic departure from the stylish swish some readers had only just become used to. The new logo has reportedly been trademarked without colour so expect multiple hues to appear in future.

The arrival of New 52 late last year cemented a line-wide refocus of the DC brand that came shortly after an attempt at expanding the company's comic book movie properties with Green Lantern.

DC has pushed 'day-and-date' digital releases and Barnes & Noble-angering exclusive deals with Amazon. The peeled back lettering certainly evokes an app-friendly style - maybe they should bite the bullet and rebrand completely as Digital Comics?

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