Genuinely frighting moments in videogames

Aaron Birch Feature
Aug 27, 2015

From P.T. and System Shock 2 through to BioShock and Batman - some games are far better at scaring than others!

36 major blockbusters and why they never got made

Ryan Lambie Mike Cecchini Simon Brew Feature
Jun 12, 2015

We look at the films that slipped through Hollywood's net, from biblical epics to a time travelling Gladiator sequel...

New trailer for the horror game, Perception

Ryan Lambie News
Jun 23, 2015

Update: From one of the designers behind BioShock comes a unique-looking indie horror game, Perception. Here's a brand new trailer...

BioShock creator Ken Levine on his future "science fiction" game

Ryan Lambie Feature
Dec 15, 2015

BioShock creator Ken Levine's been talking about his new sci-fi game, and why he isn't involved in System Shock 3...

The expensive movies pulled at the last minute

Simon Brew Odd List
Oct 7, 2014

The movie business is a tricky one, and sometimes even big projects fail. Here are some would-have-been movies that didn't happen

15 great videogame endings: but are they worth the effort?

Aaron Birch Feature
Oct 28, 2014

Very few videogames have great endings. We look at some of the best, and wonder if developers are wasting their time with them...

Top 25 brutal bosses in videogames

Aaron Birch Feature
May 1, 2014

Boss fights are almost always a game's highlight, but some are more challenging than others. Here's our top 25...

The problem of morality in videogames

Aaron Birch Feature
Mar 28, 2014

Aaron looks at why morality in video games rarely manages to achieve the lofty goals set by developers...

Bioshock creator Irrational Games to close

Aaron Birch Interview
Feb 19, 2014

The creator of BioShock is to close its doors, morphing into a smaller scale studio...

In praise of the BioShock series' Rapture

Ryan Lambie Feature
Nov 28, 2013

As the first chapter of BioShock Infinite's Burial At Sea DLC appears, Ryan salutes the series' undersea kingdom of Rapture...