The BBFC and 12 years of 12A: does the system work?

Ryan Lambie Feature Jul 30, 2014

The BBFC has released a video explaining how the 12A system works. But does it make sense, and how effective is it?

Number of new 12A films passes 15s for the first time

Simon Brew News Jul 17, 2014

As Jack Reacher attracts the most complaints, the BBFC reveals it classified record numbers of 12A movies in 2013...

The upside of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire being a 12A

Simon Brew Feature Dec 3, 2013

Getting a 12A rating might've been about maximising profits for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, but there are some benefits to it...

Have the PG-13/12A ratings become compromised?

Simon Brew Feature Jul 30, 2013

With The Wolverine and The Lone Ranger rated 12A in spite of their content, has the point been lost as to who movie ratings are for?

Texas Chainsaw, power tool horror and the BBFC

Ryan Lambie Feature Jan 11, 2013

With Texas Chainsaw 3D out now in cinemas, Ryan looks at the history of the power tool death in horror, and changing attitude of the BBFC...

The BBFC, violent films, and the internet

Ryan Lambie Feature Dec 12, 2012

As the BBFC decides to clamp down on sexual or sadistic violence in movies, how can censorship still work in our interconnected age?

Jack Reacher cut to get 12A certificate in the UK

Simon Brew News Nov 14, 2012

The upcoming Jack Reacher movie, starring Tom Cruise, has been cut back in the UK, to get a softer rating...

Why unrated cuts on DVD do no service to cinema

Simon Brew Feature Sep 19, 2012

With Taken 2 edited for a 12A rating in UK cinemas, Simon asks, are unrated DVD releases part of the problem?

Courting Controversy: what about the children?

Dave Adamson Feature Jun 19, 2012

Now 100 years old, the British Board of Film Classification has endured a long and sometimes controversial history. Here, Dave looks back over some of the board’s recent challenges…

The Human Centipede II refused a certificate by the BBFC

Ryan Lambie News Jun 6, 2011

The BBFC clearly isn’t impressed by Tom Six’s Human Centipede II, so don’t expect it to appear at a multiplex near you soon…