Battlefield Earth

Sequels abandoned after the film before them struggled

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From Green Lantern 2 and Terminator: Salvation 2, to a Cat In The Hat sequel and Batman Triumphant: sequels killed by the earlier film...

John Travolta defends Battlefield Earth

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John Travolta admits he has no regrets over Battlefield Earth, and would do it all again...

10 remarkable things about Battlefield Earth

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2000’s Battlefield Earth was critically mauled. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some remarkable things about this strange film…

The Ryan Lambie Column: What videogames can learn from Battlefield Earth

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Ryan wants explanations! Can the writers of certain videogames follow the lead of Battlefield Earth's screenwriter and explain just what they were thinking?

Top 10 Stinkers of the Decade

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What are the worst films of the past ten years that are best forgotten? Here are Rupert's suggestions...