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The big crossover movies that never happened

Terence Bowman Feature
Oct 19, 2012

The Avengers may have been a hit, but what about the crossover movies that never happened? Terence uncovers a few startling near-misses…

Star Trek: Generations cast reunites on stage

Terence Bowman News
Sep 17, 2012

Captains Kirk and Picard reunited at a Montreal Comic Con event this weekend, and were joined by a surprise guest...

Was 1982 the best ever year for fantasy and sci-fi movies?

Harrison Ford in Blade Runner
Terence Bowman Odd List
Apr 16, 2012

1982. The best year for sci-fi and fantasy movies? The year that home video gave second life to films that otherwise would have flopped? Join the celebration here...

Does John Carter break the Edgar Rice Burroughs movie curse?

Terence Bowman News
Mar 7, 2012

Adaptations of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novels haven’t fared well in the past, so can Andrew Stanton’s John Carter break the cycle? Terence finds out...

The Muppets: kids’ stuff or subversive adult comedy?

Terence Bowman News
Feb 7, 2012

With The Muppets out in UK cinemas on Friday, Terence looks back over the history of Jim Henson's much-loved creations and their subversive comedy...

Our enduring fascination with The Thing

Terence Bowman News
Nov 28, 2011

With a third version of The Thing out in cinemas on Friday, Terence examines why a story originally written in 1938 is so enduringly popular…

Stan Lee talks about his cameos in The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers

Terence Bowman News
Sep 19, 2011

Stan Lee’s no stranger to cameo roles in Marvel movies, and he recently spoke about his appearances in The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers...

Star Wars: the original mash-up movie?

Terence Bowman News
Sep 13, 2011

With the Star Wars saga out now on Blu-ray, Terence looks back at the original 1977 film, and examines the disparate elements George Lucas brought together…

Literary adventure heroes the movies mangled

Terence Bowman News
Aug 22, 2011

Conan. James Bond. Tarzan. Terence looks at these, and other literary characters who were changed by movie-makers on their way to the big screen...

The rise of the Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Terence Bowman News
Aug 8, 2011

With Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes proving to be the surprise of the summer, Terence looks back and charts the highs and lows of the franchise...

Cowboys, aliens and the good, the bad and the ugly of the sci-fi western

Terence Bowman News
Jul 26, 2011

With Cowboys & Aliens due out soon, Terence looks at the history of the sci-fi western, and picks out a few of the best and worst…

Why they shouldn’t change the name of the Captain America movie

Terence Bowman News
Jul 19, 2011

Not every country in the world is going with the name Captain America: The First Avenger for Marvel's upcoming movie. Terence argues they should...

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