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Why you should play Ori And The Blind Forest

Simon Gilbert Feature
Apr 9, 2015

One of the best platformers of recent years? Quite possibly. Simon explains why you should play Ori And The Blind Forest...

Looking back at the early-90s classics from LucasArts

Simon Gilbert Feature
Mar 31, 2015

From The Secret Of Monkey Island to Star Wars: Dark Forces, Simon looks back at some of the LucasArts' great early 90s games...

Hearthstone review

Simon Gilbert Review
Jun 12, 2014

Simon checks out the new Warcraft-adjacent game from Blizzard: Hearthstone...

Why indie videogaming is so important

Simon Gilbert Top 10
Jun 3, 2014

What indie videogames lack in technical polish, they make up for with imagination. Simon explains why they're so important...

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