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Seb Patrick has written for Den of Geek since its first year, and continues to be allowed to do so even though he's still only ever seen one Jason Statham film. He recently turned his lifelong obsession with time travel into an internet radio sitcom, A Brief History of Time Travel, and has also written for Film4, When Saturday Comes, Wired, New Statesman and Comic Book Resources, as well as editing the official Red Dwarf website.

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Recent articles by Seb Patrick

Rush review

Seb Patrick Review Sep 2, 2013

A famous Formula One rivalry becomes a biopic in Ron Howard's Rush. Here's Seb's review of a great motorsport movie...

Judge Minty: the ultimate 2000 AD fan film?

Seb Patrick Feature Aug 13, 2013

While fans continue to clamour for a Dredd sequel, Seb takes a look at the best unofficial 2000 AD adaptation yet: Judge Minty...

Edgar Wright on The World's End, the Cornetto trilogy, sci-fi

Seb Patrick Interview Jul 17, 2013

With The World's End out this week, Edgar Wright talks to us about Spaced, Hot Fuzz, Shaun Of The Dead, and ending the Cornetto trilogy...

The World's End review

Seb Patrick Review Jul 9, 2013

The Cornetto trilogy is complete, as Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost deliver The World's End. Here's our review...

What's the expiry date on a spoiler?

Seb Patrick Feature Jun 21, 2013

Is it okay to live tweet the latest episode of Doctor Who? How long do you have to keep quiet about a movie's twist ending?

Is Man Of Steel true to Superman?

Superman: Man Of Steel
Seb Patrick Feature Jun 18, 2013

How close to Superman lore does Man Of Steel fly, and are its changes for the better, asks Seb...?

GRID 2: where do racing games go from here?

Seb Patrick Feature May 30, 2013

As Codemasters' GRID 2 arrives, Seb wonders where the racing game can go next. Is there still room for innovation as well as refinement?

What did we learn from the latest Man Of Steel trailer?

Superman: Man Of Steel
Seb Patrick Feature Apr 18, 2013

Superman is back on our screen shortly, and clues for what we have in store were in abundance in the new Man Of Steel trailer...

SimCity 2000 and the art of the gaming manual

Seb Patrick Feature Mar 6, 2013

Seb recalls the wonderful manual to SimCity 2000, the game with a hidden Neil Gaiman essay inside...

SimCity: the game that became a genre

Seb Patrick Feature Mar 5, 2013

How SimCity went via SimCity 2000 and The Sims to become SimCity again...

A closer look at the Superman Lives script

Seb Patrick Feature Feb 1, 2013

As Wesley Stick's script from Tim Burton's ill-fated Superman Lives appears online, Seb finds out what the movie might have looked like...

What did we learn from the new Man Of Steel trailer?

Seb Patrick Feature Dec 12, 2012

Seb breaks down the trailer to the new Superman film, Man Of Steel. And here's his analysis...

Ten great sitcom time-travel episodes

James Hunt Seb Patrick Feature Nov 20, 2012

James and Seb talk us through ten of the best sitcoms to feature that sci-fi staple, time-travel. Here's their selection...

Iron Man 3 trailer analysis

Seb Patrick Feature Oct 24, 2012

As the first full trailer for Iron Man 3 lands, Seb digs in to find out what it might tell us about the finished movie…

Where can the first-person shooter go next?

Seb Patrick Feature Oct 10, 2012

Arguably the most popular video game genre of them all, can the FPS stay fresh and innovate?

The growth of blockbuster videogames

Seb Patrick Feature Oct 9, 2012

As development bills spiral ever upwards, do videogames like Medal of Honor: Warfighter now challenge Hollywood’s extravagant costs?

Karl Urban interview: playing Dredd, comics and more

Seb Patrick Interview Sep 4, 2012

With Dredd out in UK cinemas this week, Seb caught up with the star beneath the helmet, Karl Urban…

Christopher Nolan's history of Batman

Seb Patrick Feature Aug 1, 2012

After Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, Seb delves into the comics to see how the filmmaker drew from Batman’s classic stories...

Top 10 Saved By The Bell episodes

Seb Patrick Feature Jul 23, 2012

Early 90s nostalgia ahoy! Seb counts down the top ten episodes of Peter Engel's teen sitcom, Saved By The Bell...

What we learned from the Dredd trailer

Seb Patrick Feature Jun 22, 2012

The first trailer for Dredd finally landed - but what did it tell us about the movie?