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Sarah is a freelance writer and editor. She loves horror movies, unusual storytelling techniques, and smoking jackets. Ask her about the Saw movies. Go on, ask.

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Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 20

Buffy Touched
Sarah Dobbs News
Jun 3, 2008

In Touched, everyone gets... well, er, touched. With varying degrees of sexiness. And then everything blows up. What else could you ask for?

10 movie reasons not to take the boat

Ghost Ship
Sarah Dobbs News
May 29, 2008

Hollywood can inspire you to do lots of things... but it can also scare you silly about other things. Going on boats is the latter, thanks in no small part to these ten movies

Clover Eggs: A complete cheat's guide to the Cloverfield DVD Easter Eggs

Cloverfield battery
Sarah Dobbs News
May 28, 2008

Sarah scours the Cloverfield region 2 DVDs for hidden goodies...

The Saw gravy train keeps on chugging away

Sarah Dobbs News
May 28, 2008

Has there ever been a movie franchise in the history of cinema that's made as much money out of as little content as Saw?

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 19

Buffy Empty Places
Sarah Dobbs News
May 28, 2008

The world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer continues to get darker and darker in Empty Places. Oh dear. Pillows and tissues at the ready...

Cloverfield 2-disc DVD review

The Cloverfield 2-disc edition - out on June 9th. It's pretty damn good.
Sarah Dobbs Review
May 27, 2008

The finest horror movie of 2008 and the best monster movie in ages and ages finally hits DVD. Hurrah for Cloverfield!

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 18

Buffy Dirty Girls
Sarah Dobbs News
May 27, 2008

A new threat rolls into Sunnydale in Dirty Girls... and he's really, really disturbing, though not entirely for textual reasons

I'm A Cyborg DVD review

I'm a Cyborg but that's OK
Sarah Dobbs Review
May 27, 2008

Park Chan-Wook takes a break from making films about vengeful murderers to make a whimsical romantic comedy... about, um, mental patients.

Special Edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on the way!

The new cover for Sorcerer's Stone
Sarah Dobbs News
May 22, 2008

Thought you'd bought all the Harry Potter books you were ever going to buy? Think again...

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 17

Buffy lies my parents told me
Sarah Dobbs News
May 21, 2008

Hurrah, finally some pay off for one of season 7's most interesting plot strands in Lies My Parents Told Me. Pity so many characters seem to be stuck in stupid mode...

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 16

Willow and Kennedy in 'Storyteller'
Sarah Dobbs News
May 19, 2008

Could Storyteller be Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 7's one redeeming episode? Maybe... or maybe not?

Revisiting Buffy season 7 archives

Sarah Dobbs News
May 16, 2008

Here's the complete list of Sarah's recaps of Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 7

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 15

Buffy get it done
Sarah Dobbs News
May 15, 2008

Buffy finds out more about the origin of the Slayer powers in Get It Done... and Sarah smacks herself repeatedly in the forehead for agreeing to watch this again.

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 14

Buffy First Date
Sarah Dobbs News
May 12, 2008

Buffy and Xander go on first dates - not with one another - and Sarah's pleasantly surprised by this episode...

Den of Geek wishlist: a TARDIS suitcase

De Who and assistant with TARDIS
Sarah Dobbs News
May 9, 2008

Some ideas are just too good to be ignored. A suitcase that looks like the TARDIS - that's genius, surely?

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 13

Buffy killer in me
Sarah Dobbs News
May 8, 2008

It's funny how much expectations shape your perception of things. Remembering The Killer In Me as a weak episode, Sarah finds herself pleasantly surprised...

Batman vs The Dark Knight - why so similar?

So cool it hurts - the new poster for the Dark Knight
Sarah Dobbs News
May 6, 2008

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we try to reboot a franchise for no apparent reason using lots of the same story elements the original films used

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 12

Buffy potential
Sarah Dobbs News
May 6, 2008

Misunderstanding leads to analysis of what actually makes a hero. Sarah could have done without the first 35 minutes of Potential...

The 10 best chairs to sit on while playing Grand Theft Auto 4

Sarah Dobbs News
May 2, 2008

Grand Theft Auto 4 is apparently the only thing anyone cares about this week. Here's the last remaining list worth making about it...

Dragon Wars DVD review

Here be dragons...
Sarah Dobbs Review
May 2, 2008

Sarah expects a film about dragon wars to feature lots of dragons. Preferably warring. Sadly, Dragon Wars only really had one dragon, which doesn't make for much of a war...

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