Sarah Dobbs

Sarah is a freelance writer and editor. She loves horror movies, unusual storytelling techniques, and smoking jackets. Ask her about the Saw movies. Go on, ask.

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About the last line of Blade Runner...

Harrison Ford in Blade Runner
Sarah Dobbs News Apr 24, 2008

Blade Runner is one of those films that divides people. Sarah falls into the "it's a masterpiece" camp. But, er, about the last line of The Final Cut...

Exclusive: Heroes soundtrack artwork!

Heroes soundtrack CD
Sarah Dobbs News Apr 23, 2008

Click this way for exlusive Steven Parke artwork taken from the forthcoming Heroes soundtrack CD! (Tracklisting also inside...)

10 movie reasons not to take the plane

Snakes on a Plane
Sarah Dobbs News Apr 22, 2008

Movies are good at enhancing all sorts of irrational fears. Here are ten movies that really won't help with your fear of flying...

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 8

Sarah Dobbs News Apr 22, 2008

How many things can you fit into Spike's head at once? Quite a lot, as it turns out, since now not only is he a vampire with a chip and a soul, he's also a sleeper agent with a trigger...

The Wig DVD review

Sarah Dobbs Review Apr 21, 2008

A wig playing host to a ghostly grudge terrorises an already damaged family... Sarah checks out this hair-raising Korean horror movie. (Sorry!)

Den of Geek wishlist: the essence of Angel

Sarah Dobbs News Apr 21, 2008

The definition of a wishlist: stuff you want, but really, really can't justify buying. Like this Angel statuette thingy...

Should one million signatures stop Uwe Boll making movies?

Uwe Boll
Sarah Dobbs News Apr 18, 2008

Film sites have been encouraging their readers to sign a petition to stop Uwe Boll. But why should we?

The Uwe Boll ready reckoner

Uwe Boll
Sarah Dobbs News Apr 18, 2008

Sarah watches every Uwe Boll film she can get her hands on, so you don't have to. Or at least so you'll know which one to start with...

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 7

Conversations with Dead Poeple
Sarah Dobbs News Apr 17, 2008

Conversations with Dead People is one of the most highly acclaimed episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Will it manage to win Sarah back over?

Steve Niles interview

Mr Steve Niles
Sarah Dobbs Interview Apr 16, 2008

He's the man behind 30 Days Of Night. He's writing stories set in Gotham City. And he's spared some time for a chat....

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 6

Sarah Dobbs News Apr 15, 2008

Sarah grits her teeth and prepares to sit through Him, an episode she really, really hated the first time around. Is it any better now, all this time later?

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 5

Buffy Selfless
Sarah Dobbs News Apr 10, 2008

Buffy season 7 continues to get darker and darker, and Sarah continues to watch it and get more and more depressed...

Den of Geek loves Peter Krause

Peter Krause
Sarah Dobbs News Apr 9, 2008

Peter Krause might just be the most charismatic leading man of all time. There is nothing this man could not make watchable.

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 4

Buffy Help
Sarah Dobbs News Apr 8, 2008

Sarah ponders the ever-expanding landscape of Sunnydale, wonders why Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane isn't on DVD... oh, and watches Buffy while she's at it

Den of Geek loves David R. Ellis

Snakes on a Plane
Sarah Dobbs News Apr 4, 2008

Snakes on a Plane. Cellular. Final Destination 2. Final Destination 4, for that matter - Sarah salutes the king of awesome cinema

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 3

Buffy Same Time Same Place
Sarah Dobbs News Apr 3, 2008

Same Time, Same Place - nowish, Sarah's sofa, watching yet another episode of Buffy season 7...

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 2

Buffy Beneath You
Sarah Dobbs News Apr 1, 2008

After being pleasantly surprised by the first episode of the dreaded season 7 of Buffy, Sarah tackles episode 2...

Revisiting Buffy season 7 - episode 1

Buffy lessons
Sarah Dobbs News Mar 27, 2008

Sarah credits Buffy the Vampire Slayer with making her the person she is today. But she thought season 7 sucked. Or did it?

Den of Geek loves Rick Hoffman

Rick Hoffman
Sarah Dobbs News Mar 26, 2008

Sarah sings the praises of a "that guy" who really should become much, much more than just a "that guy." Rick Hoffman, we love you!

Could Buffy return?

Buffy season 7
Sarah Dobbs News Mar 26, 2008

Joss Whedon has been talking about the possibility of bringing Buffy back to our TV screens. Is this really a good idea?