Sarah Dobbs

Sarah is a freelance writer and editor. She loves horror movies, unusual storytelling techniques, and smoking jackets. Ask her about the Saw movies. Go on, ask.

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Operation: Spider-Man review

Sarah Dobbs Review Jan 3, 2008

Uh oh. Spider-Man's ill! And Doctor Octopus has gone into surgery! This really won't end well... will it?

Eerie Indiana: The Complete Series DVD review

Eerie Indiana
Sarah Dobbs Review Jan 2, 2008

Sarah takes a walk down memory lane to Eerie Indiana, and finds that, sadly, it's not all that eerie for anyone over about 14

New peeks at next year's Marvel movies

Sarah Dobbs News Dec 24, 2007

It's nearly Christmas, so what better time to get excited about next summer's superhero movies? Er. Yeah. New pictures of the Hulk and Iron Man inside...

The Sarah of the Dead column: the first five minutes

Sarah Dobbs News Dec 20, 2007

Sarah wonders why we've been seeing the opening minutes of so many movies: Cloverfield, AvP2 and The Dark Knight included

The Sarah of the Dead column: unworthy successors

Battle Royale
Sarah Dobbs News Dec 13, 2007

Sarah likes sequels. Her favourites are usually number 3. But sometimes, a sequel can be so mindblowingly dreadful that it actually takes the sheen off the original...

The Dark Knight: here come the nipples

Sarah Dobbs News Dec 11, 2007

Sarah was excited about seeing The Dark Knight after the preview last week. Now... she's not so sure. Look at that thing!

Sneak preview: The Dark Knight

Sarah Dobbs Preview Dec 7, 2007

The first 7 minutes were sensational. Even Sarah, who's a Marvel fangirl to the core, was excited by IMAX footage of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight. Eeeee!

The Sarah of the Dead column: why I watch bad movies

A Tale of Two Sisters
Sarah Dobbs News Dec 6, 2007

Sarah constantly watches bad movies. She hates them, and herself, for doing it, but one day there might be cheese at the end of it all.

Terror Island book review

Terror Island: a cracking debut
Sarah Dobbs Review Dec 6, 2007

A first novel from an unknown writer at a small-press publishing house. Rakie Keig's Terror Island is one of the most unexpectedly great horror novels of the year...

An open letter to Joe Quesada

Spiderman One More Day
Sarah Dobbs News Dec 5, 2007

Sarah loves Spider-Man. That much we know. She's not terribly keen on the current One More Day story arc, though, and wanted to let Marvel's head honcho know...

Fancy a Doctor Who holiday?

Black Dalek
Sarah Dobbs News Nov 30, 2007

Doctor Who is filmed in Cardiff. Clearly, the Welsh tourist board wanted to make the most of it. Sarah's just bitter she didn't get there first...

The Sarah of the Dead column: Troll 2 is rubbish

Sarah Dobbs News Nov 29, 2007

The filmmakers want you to believe that Troll 2 is the "best worst movie" ever. Actually, according to Sarah, it's just bad. And not in a good way

9 Mighty Boosh characters that should be toys

Mighty Boosh
Sarah Dobbs News Nov 21, 2007

There are action figures for pretty much every character of every film and TV show ever nowadays. Except the Boosh! Travesty.

The Sarah of the Dead column: hurrah for Final Destination 4

Final Destination
Sarah Dobbs News Nov 21, 2007

All of Sarah's Christmases have come at once - there's going to be another Final Destination movie!

London Under Midnight review

London Under Midnight
Sarah Dobbs Review Nov 21, 2007

Richard Laymon said Simon Clark is "a master of eerie thrills". Sarah read this book, and didn't really agree.

The Sarah of the Dead column: taking the sting out of old movies

Amityville Horror
Sarah Dobbs News Nov 15, 2007

Sarah might be terrified of the 80s, but that doesn't necessarily mean the horror movies were better back then...

Den of Geek loves ... Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds
Sarah Dobbs News Nov 14, 2007

Another in our bi-weekly series of love letters to the people, characters and shows we love above all else. This week, Sarah pays tribute to Ryan Reynolds

Beowulf: Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary interview

Sarah Dobbs Interview Nov 9, 2007

With Beowulf hitting cinemas next week, Sarah sat down with Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary for a quick natter about it...

Beowulf: producer Steve Starkey interview

Sarah Dobbs Interview Nov 8, 2007

It's apparently Beowulf day on Den of Geek - here, we talk to Beowulf's producer, Steve Starkey, about how a film like this comes into being...

Beowulf - anyone else got deja vu?

Beowulf - Grendel's mother
Sarah Dobbs News Nov 8, 2007

Posters for the new Beowulf movie are everywhere right now. But is it only Sarah, or does anyone else have a creeping feeling they've seen this somewhere before?