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Sarah is a freelance writer and editor. She loves horror movies, unusual storytelling techniques, and smoking jackets. Ask her about the Saw movies. Go on, ask.

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Press conference report: Matt Reeves, director of Cloverfield

Sarah Dobbs News
Jan 29, 2008

Matt Reeves talks Cloverfield: baby monsters, spooked elephants, and uncontrollable viral marketing...

Masters Of Horror Season 2 Volume 1 DVD review

Masters of Horror
Sarah Dobbs Review
Jan 28, 2008

Thirteen horror directors. Thirteen hours worth of TV shows. No rules. What could go wrong?

I Know Who Killed Me DVD review

I Know Who Killed Me
Sarah Dobbs Review
Jan 28, 2008

Lindsay Lohan plays a pole dancer. And a teenage writer-cum-piano player. And then there's some nonsense about a serial killer. It's I Know Who Killed Me!

Resident Evil: Extinction DVD review

Resident Evil Extinction
Sarah Dobbs Review
Jan 25, 2008

The third Resident Evil movie makes its way onto DVD. Weirdly, even though Sarah loved the movie, she kind of wishes it hadn't...

Movie recipes: Cloverfield

It's nearly here: Cloverfield
Sarah Dobbs News
Jan 23, 2008

When was the last time you saw a completely original movie? Think about it. In the first of an occasional series, we trace back a new movie's influences...

Nominations for the Razzies

Who wants to win a raspberry?
Sarah Dobbs News
Jan 22, 2008

It's the Razzie nominations! Here! For you to look at!

Nominations for the Oscars

Johnny Depp in the film poster of Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
Sarah Dobbs News
Jan 22, 2008

It's the Oscar nominations! Here! For you to look at!

Use the sauce, Luke

Sarah Dobbs News
Jan 22, 2008

Just when you thought you'd seen every conceivable piece of Star Wars merchandise, someone invents an R2-D2 soy sauce bottle.

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #35: The Side-Kick

Sarah Dobbs News
Jan 21, 2008

"Amazing Spider-Man" has become almost a swear-word around these parts, but there are still good Spider-Man comics out there. Honest.

10,000 BC trailer

10,000 BC
Sarah Dobbs Trailer
Jan 17, 2008

Lions and tigers and mammoths - oh my! Roland Emmerich is back with a film set so far in the past it makes our heads spin...

Cloverfield review (virtually spoiler-free!)

It's nearly here: Cloverfield
Sarah Dobbs Review
Jan 17, 2008

Sarah saw Cloverfield tonight. She's very excited, but also trying desperately not to give anything away...

The Den of Geek interview: Lloyd Kaufman

Sarah Dobbs Interview
Jan 17, 2008

Lloyd Kaufman is the president of Troma Entertainment, and the chairman of the IFTA. And we managed to steal half an hour of his time...

Win a Nintendo Wii with Hatchet

Sarah Dobbs News
Jan 15, 2008

Fancy winning a Nintendo Wii? Well, we're not going to give you one. But the nice people over at the Hatchet website might...

Lord of the Party Rings

Battle of Pelennor Fields
Sarah Dobbs News
Jan 14, 2008

How much of a geek would you need to be to recreate scenes from Lord of the Rings using yummy edible building materials? And... how awesome would you need to be?

Meet a Power Ranger!

Operation Overdrive
Sarah Dobbs News
Jan 9, 2008

The planet's in danger. Recruit a team of teenagers with attitude! Or not. The Disney Store is offering you the chance to meet a Power Ranger - can you really turn that down?

Operation: Spider-Man review

Sarah Dobbs Review
Jan 3, 2008

Uh oh. Spider-Man's ill! And Doctor Octopus has gone into surgery! This really won't end well... will it?

Eerie Indiana: The Complete Series DVD review

Eerie Indiana
Sarah Dobbs Review
Jan 2, 2008

Sarah takes a walk down memory lane to Eerie Indiana, and finds that, sadly, it's not all that eerie for anyone over about 14

New peeks at next year's Marvel movies

Sarah Dobbs News
Dec 24, 2007

It's nearly Christmas, so what better time to get excited about next summer's superhero movies? Er. Yeah. New pictures of the Hulk and Iron Man inside...

The Sarah of the Dead column: the first five minutes

Sarah Dobbs News
Dec 20, 2007

Sarah wonders why we've been seeing the opening minutes of so many movies: Cloverfield, AvP2 and The Dark Knight included

The Sarah of the Dead column: unworthy successors

Battle Royale
Sarah Dobbs News
Dec 13, 2007

Sarah likes sequels. Her favourites are usually number 3. But sometimes, a sequel can be so mindblowingly dreadful that it actually takes the sheen off the original...

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