Sarah Dobbs

Sarah is a freelance writer and editor. She loves horror movies, unusual storytelling techniques, and smoking jackets. Ask her about the Saw movies. Go on, ask.

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Fancy a Doctor Who holiday?

Black Dalek
Sarah Dobbs News Nov 30, 2007

Doctor Who is filmed in Cardiff. Clearly, the Welsh tourist board wanted to make the most of it. Sarah's just bitter she didn't get there first...

The Sarah of the Dead column: Troll 2 is rubbish

Sarah Dobbs News Nov 29, 2007

The filmmakers want you to believe that Troll 2 is the "best worst movie" ever. Actually, according to Sarah, it's just bad. And not in a good way

9 Mighty Boosh characters that should be toys

Mighty Boosh
Sarah Dobbs News Nov 21, 2007

There are action figures for pretty much every character of every film and TV show ever nowadays. Except the Boosh! Travesty.

The Sarah of the Dead column: hurrah for Final Destination 4

Final Destination
Sarah Dobbs News Nov 21, 2007

All of Sarah's Christmases have come at once - there's going to be another Final Destination movie!

London Under Midnight review

London Under Midnight
Sarah Dobbs Review Nov 21, 2007

Richard Laymon said Simon Clark is "a master of eerie thrills". Sarah read this book, and didn't really agree.

The Sarah of the Dead column: taking the sting out of old movies

Amityville Horror
Sarah Dobbs News Nov 15, 2007

Sarah might be terrified of the 80s, but that doesn't necessarily mean the horror movies were better back then...

Den of Geek loves ... Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds
Sarah Dobbs News Nov 14, 2007

Another in our bi-weekly series of love letters to the people, characters and shows we love above all else. This week, Sarah pays tribute to Ryan Reynolds

Beowulf: Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary interview

Sarah Dobbs Interview Nov 9, 2007

With Beowulf hitting cinemas next week, Sarah sat down with Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary for a quick natter about it...

Beowulf: producer Steve Starkey interview

Sarah Dobbs Interview Nov 8, 2007

It's apparently Beowulf day on Den of Geek - here, we talk to Beowulf's producer, Steve Starkey, about how a film like this comes into being...

Beowulf - anyone else got deja vu?

Beowulf - Grendel's mother
Sarah Dobbs News Nov 8, 2007

Posters for the new Beowulf movie are everywhere right now. But is it only Sarah, or does anyone else have a creeping feeling they've seen this somewhere before?

Den of Geek dartboard: Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts
Sarah Dobbs News Nov 7, 2007

Sometimes, the mere presence of an actor in a film can put you off seeing it. For Sarah, Naomi Watt's name on a poster is the kiss of death...

The Sarah of the Dead column: geeky pumpkins

Sarah Dobbs News Nov 1, 2007

Halloween's technically over now. But Sarah's not letting go that easily...

Halloween recommendations: The Descent

The Descent
Sarah Dobbs News Oct 29, 2007

Sometimes, what you really want is a movie that scares you out of your wits. The Descent is that movie.

Halloween recommendations: The Skeleton Key

The Skeleton Key
Sarah Dobbs News Oct 26, 2007

Another one of Sarah's underappreciated pet favourite movies - The Skeleton Key. And not just because it's got Peter Sarsgaard in it.

The Sarah of the Dead column: won't someone make Saw stop?

Saw 4
Sarah Dobbs News Oct 25, 2007

Sarah's new weekly column is all about horror movies. This week: why are there going to be two more Saw movies?

Halloween recommendations: Darkness

Sarah Dobbs News Oct 25, 2007

Another lesser known horror movie recommendation. This time, the little-appreciated 2002 movie Darkness, starring Anna Paquin of X-Men fame

Star Wars on the small screen

George Lucas
Sarah Dobbs News Oct 18, 2007

George Lucas has announced that there's more Star Wars coming our way - and it'll be on telly, rather than in cinemas. Hmmm...

Resident Evil: Extinction review

Milla. How many people would watch these films if she wasn't kicking ass in them?
Sarah Dobbs Review Oct 10, 2007

Hasn't the world had enough of computer game movies? Hasn't the world had enough of zombie movies? Sarah says: HELL NO! Bring them on! It's Resident Evil: Extinction time...

Indie Spotlight: Giles Alderson interview

Giles Alderson
Sarah Dobbs Interview Oct 8, 2007

Anyone can talk about the newest blockbuster. But indie productions tend to get looked over. Den of Geek wants to even the scales...

Den of Geek dartboard: Takashi Shimizu

Takashi Shimizu dartboard
Sarah Dobbs News Oct 3, 2007

Takashi Shimizu: a man who has made a career out of remaking the same film over and over and over again. And, somehow, inspiring other people to do the same. Argh!