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South Park: the top 25 episodes

South Park: so which are your favourite episodes?
Wesley Mead Robert Mclaughlin Feature
Aug 22, 2016

From almost 20 years of South Park, here are its 25 best episodes featuring World Of Warcraft, Game Of Thrones parodies and more...

The top 100 TV and movie monsters

Robert Mclaughlin Odd List
Mar 28, 2013

Covering the gamut of TV and cinema from the past to the present, here's Rob's rundown of the 100 finest screen monsters...

Spooks series 10 episode 3 review

Robert Mclaughlin Review
Oct 3, 2011

Spooks series 10 continues to excel, as Rob discovers. We're going to miss this show when it's gone...

10 nightmares from 1980s fantasy movies and TV shows

The Dark Crystal.
Robert Mclaughlin Odd List
Jun 27, 2011

Put on a seemingly family friendly movie or TV show in the 1980s, or even watch the adverts, and terror may just have been waiting for you...

Will we ever see The Keep on Blu-ray?

Robert Mclaughlin News
Apr 19, 2011

One of director Michael Mann’s most underrated movies, The Keep is a great fantasy horror that, Rob argues, deserves to be seen in HD...

10 Commodore Amiga games we’d like to see on mobile phones

Robert Mclaughlin Odd List
Apr 8, 2011

The Commodore Amiga was the home of dozens of classic computer games. Here’s our pick of 10 great titles that we’d love to see given a new life on mobile phones...

11 films and TV shows that tried to be Star Wars

Robert Mclaughlin News
Apr 7, 2011

The success of Star Wars inspired a legion of similarly themed rip-offs. Here, Rob salutes some of the best and worst…

Did cartoons reach their prime in the 1980s?

Robert Mclaughlin News
Mar 29, 2011

The Real Ghostbusters. He-Man. Transformers. Was the 80s a golden age of animated children's TV?

Spooks series 9 episode 8 review: series finale

Spooks series 9 finale
Robert Mclaughlin Review
Nov 8, 2010

As we wrap up this potentially final season of Spooks, does the build-up from last week pay off? Rob investigates…

Spooks series 9 episode 7 review

Robert Mclaughlin Review
Nov 1, 2010

Murder, betrayal and some of the best drama all as the mental state of the Grid team is put to the test with some shocking results. It's the latest Spooks...

Spooks series 9 episode 6 review

Robert Mclaughlin Review
Oct 25, 2010

It's cyber warfare this week as the techies of the Spooks team have time to shine. And there's bonus Colin Salmon, too...

Spooks series 9 episode 5 review

Robert Mclaughlin Review
Oct 18, 2010

It’s a trip to the Middle East this week, as peace talks go rather badly and someone tries for a gold medal in sharpshooting...

Spooks series 9 episode 4 review

Robert Mclaughlin Review
Oct 13, 2010

With another week comes another threat for the Grid team — this time it’s from China. Rob takes a look at the latest episode of Spooks…

Spooks series 9 episode 3 review

Spooks season 9
Robert Mclaughlin Review
Oct 4, 2010

It’s From Russia With Love (or should that be ‘Sex Lies and Russian Video Tape’) as we find out a little bit more about ‘John’ in this week’s episode of Spooks…

Spooks series 9 episode 2 review

Robert Mclaughlin Review
Sep 27, 2010

New recruits aplenty, and Rob’s proven very wrong with episode 2 of Spooks series 9…

10 suggestions for Marvel’s move to television

Robert Mclaughlin Odd List
Jul 16, 2010

With Marvel about to introduce some of its heroes to the small screen, here are our suggestions for the comics it should tackle first...

Micmacs Blu-ray review

Robert Mclaughlin Review
Jun 27, 2010

Micmacs is the latest film from the fantastical mind of director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. But can it recapture the magic of his earlier work? Rob finds out...

The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series 1982 DVD review

Robert Mclaughlin Review
Jun 2, 2010

Rob checks out The Incredible Hulk, which collects together all 13 episodes of the 1982 animated series…

The top 5 ways to defeat invading aliens

Robert Mclaughlin News
Apr 26, 2010

Are aliens out there? If so, as Rob reveals, movies and TV shows have shown us how best to defeat them...

Street Hawk DVD review

Robert Mclaughlin Review
Mar 16, 2010

Rob revisits an 80s legend, as Street Hawk speeds onto DVD...

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