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Rob Keeling is a freelance writer and film fanatic based in Manchester. He has written for an array of websites and magazines on a wide range of topics covering both cinema and television. His favourite movies include Casablanca, The Godfather, Back to the Future and Apocalypse Now, and he’s a passionate fan of The West Wing and A Song of Ice and Fire. Also, he will never be ashamed of his love for Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. You can see more of Rob’s work by visiting his website

Recent articles by Robert Keeling

The Simpsons: 50 best episodes

Robert Keeling Feature
Aug 16, 2016

Rob counts down the top 50 episodes of TV's longest-running animated series, The Simpsons...

25 traumatic moments in family films

Robert Keeling Feature
Jul 17, 2016

From The Iron Giant and Harry Potter to Indiana Jones and Willy Wonka - the family movies that, er, leave an extra impression...

Game Of Thrones: 8 prequel spin-off directions

Robert Keeling Feature
Jun 1, 2016

The Seven Kingdoms' history is full of great material for a Game Of Thrones prequel spin-off. Well, it worked for Better Call Saul...

The top 25 John Goodman roles

Robert Keeling Feature
Nov 27, 2015

The mighty John Goodman doesn't get enough love, it seems. We count down 25 of our favourite Goodman roles - King Ralph included....

Revisiting HBO's The Pacific

Robert Keeling Feature
Oct 13, 2015

HBO's 2010 mini-series The Pacific, a follow-up to Band Of Brothers, captured the visceral nightmare of war with powerful storytelling...

The Simpsons' top 30 movie references

Robert Keeling Feature
Apr 24, 2015

The Simpsons has pastiched hundreds of movies in its time. From Hitchcock to Kubrick to Disney, we select our top 30 favourites...

Revisiting Band Of Brothers: Points

Robert Keeling Review
Mar 7, 2014

Rob's Band Of Brothers look-back reaches its final entry, revisiting series finale, Points...

Revisiting Band Of Brothers: Why We Fight

Robert Keeling Review
Mar 6, 2014

Easy make a shocking discovery in Band Of Brothers' penultimate episode...

Revisiting Band Of Brothers: The Last Patrol

Robert Keeling Review
Mar 5, 2014

The Last Patrol is a slow-burner compared to the wretched action of the previous Band Of Brothers episodes...

Revisiting Band Of Brothers: The Breaking Point

Robert Keeling Review
Mar 4, 2014

Death and trauma await the Easy Company in the seventh episode of Band Of Brothers, aptly named The Breaking Point...

Revisiting Band Of Brothers: Bastogne

Robert Keeling Review
Mar 3, 2014

Rob's daily Band Of Brothers look-back comes to one of the series' most powerful and striking episodes...

Revisiting Band Of Brothers: Crossroads

Robert Keeling Review
Feb 28, 2014

Rob's daily Band Of Brothers look-back reaches the half-way point with Tom Hanks-directed episode, Crossroads...

Revisiting Band Of Brothers: Replacements

Robert Keeling Review
Feb 27, 2014

Our daily look-back at the superlative Band Of Brothers continues with episode four, Replacements...

Revisiting Band Of Brothers: Carentan

Robert Keeling Review
Feb 26, 2014

Rob's daily Band Of Brothers look-back continues with episode three, Carentan...

Revisiting Band Of Brothers: Day Of Days

Robert Keeling Review
Feb 25, 2014

Rob's 10-part Band Of Brothers look-back continues with episode 2, Day Of Days...

Revisiting Band Of Brothers

Robert Keeling Feature
Feb 24, 2014

Over the next fortnight, we revisit each episode of HBO's superlative war drama, Band Of Brothers. Here's Rob's look at the series opener...

Alan Partridge's top TV moments

Robert Keeling Feature
Aug 7, 2013

To mark the release of Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, Rob takes us through the high points of Alan Partridge's TV career...

The top 10 films of Richard Linklater

Robert Keeling Top 10
Jun 18, 2013

With Richard Linklater's Before Midnight out in the UK this week, Robert lists his choice of the director's top 10 finest films to date...

A Christmas Carol: the best and worst adaptations

Robert Keeling Odd List
Dec 20, 2012

We delve back into more than a century of A Christmas Carol movies to find the best and worst adaptations of Dickens' festive tale...

The West Wing's finest season 3 to 7 episodes

Robert Keeling Feature
Aug 16, 2012

Following on from his selection of The West Wing's greatest season 1 and 2 episodes, Rob turns to season 3 to 7 and narrows down the best of the rest...

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