Rebecca Clough

As a jobbing TV stylist, Rebecca spends her days convincing actors that their ankles don't look fat in that, and occasionally creating emergency walls or furniture out of paper mache. She also spews out a blog which covers feminism, country music, embarrassing things she's done in public, and why it's fun to believe in the healing power of dolphins and crystals.

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25 films which will haunt you with only one viewing

Rebecca Clough Feature Jul 24, 2015

Some films have the power to get under your skin in just one sitting. Here are 25 that will stay in your brain for a long time to come...

How many of Back To The Future II's predictions came true?

Rebecca Clough Feature Jun 11, 2014

We couldn't help but notice we still haven't got a hoverboard, but did Back To The Future Part II get anything right?

Top 50 movies with ingenious costume design

Rebecca Clough Odd List Jan 24, 2014

How much can you tell about a character from their clothes? Quite a lot, it turns out. Rebecca counts down 50 amazing costume designs...

12 underappreciated thrillers worth checking out

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Looking for a pulse-pounding evening's entertainment? Then maybe you should give one of these 12 underrated thrillers a watch...

25 awesome spooky movies

Rebecca Clough Odd List Oct 31, 2012

With Halloween upon us, here's Rebecca's pick of 25 appropriately spooky movies...

The teen movies with terrible moral messages

Rebecca Clough Top 10 Jul 27, 2012

Sometimes, even the best teen movies can have murky underlying messages. Rebecca picks out a few of the most suspect...