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Why The Hour deserves a third series

Philip Lickley Feature Apr 18, 2013

We sail out of geek waters temporarily to express our support for cancelled British drama, The Hour...

Did Primeval New World deserve to be cancelled?

Philip Lickley Feature Feb 27, 2013

Philip evaluates the success of Primeval New World, recently dropped by its network, and asks whether it deserves another chance...

Primeval New World finale review: The Sound Of Thunder (Part 2)

Philip Lickley Review Feb 22, 2013

It may not be getting a second series, but Primeval New World at least bows out on one of its strongest episodes yet...

Primeval New World episode 12 review: The Sound Of Thunder (Part One)

Philip Lickley Review Feb 15, 2013

Primeval New World reaches its eventful penultimate episode. Here's Philip's detailed review...

Primeval New World episode 11 review: The Inquisition

Philip Lickley Review Feb 8, 2013

With just two episodes left in the series, Primeval: New World delivers a refreshingly different, plot and character-driven instalment...

Primeval New World episode 10 review: The Great Escape

Philip Lickley Review Feb 1, 2013

Primeval delivers a witty, entertaining, character-led episode. Here's Philip's review...

Primeval New World episode 9 review: Breakthrough

Philip Lickley Review Jan 25, 2013

Primeval: New World returns after its mid-season break with a belter of an episode. Here's Philip's review...

Primeval New World episode 1 spoiler-free review

Philip Lickley Review Jan 8, 2013

Philip takes a spoiler-free look at the first episode of Primeval: New World, airing in the UK this evening on Watch...

Primeval New World episode 8 review: Truth

Philip Lickley Review Dec 20, 2012

Primeval: New World takes off for its mid-season break with its best episode so far. Here's Philip's review...

Primeval New World episode 7 review: Babes In The Woods

Philip Lickley Review Dec 13, 2012

Primeval New World hits the season halfway mark with its least enjoyable episode so far. Here's Philip's review...

ZombiU Wii U review

Philip Lickley Review Dec 10, 2012

It's an unusual launch title for Nintendo, but how well does survival horror game ZombiU showcase the Wii U? Philip finds out...

Primeval New World episode 6 review: Clean Up On Aisle Three

Philip Lickley Review Dec 7, 2012

Is Primeval New World turning into Eastenders with dinosaurs? Here's Philip's review of Clean Up On Aisle Three...

Primeval New World episode 5 review: Undone

Philip Lickley Review Nov 28, 2012

The Primeval New World team is finding its footing in this mature, horror-inflected episode...

Primeval New World episode 4 review: Angry Birds

Philip Lickley Review Nov 22, 2012

Primeval New World delivers its best episode yet. Here's Philip's review of Angry Birds...

Primeval New World episode 3 review: The Fear Of Flying

Philip Lickley Review Nov 14, 2012

The Primeval team is battling beetles in the latest New World adventure. Here's Philip's detailed recap and review...

Primeval New World episode 2 review: Sisiutl

Philip Lickley Review Nov 9, 2012

Philip is warming to Canadian Primeval spin-off, New World. Here's his review of Sisutl...

Primeval New World episode 1 review: The New World

Philip Lickley Review Nov 5, 2012

Philip takes a detailed look at the new Primeval spin-off to see how it compares to the original. Here's his review of episode one...

Top 10 Primeval episodes

Philip Lickley Feature Aug 22, 2012

With further instalments of the UK-based series in question but a Canadian spin-off soon to appear on our screens, what better time to look back at the ten best episodes of Primeval so far?

The 10 things we’d like to see from Primeval in 2012

Philip Lickley News Jan 3, 2012

Sci-fi drama series Primeval’s had its ups and downs of late, but will this year see its fortunes improve? Here are a few things we’d like to see from the show in 2012…

Sonic Generations Nintendo 3DS review

Philip Lickley Review Jan 3, 2012

Sonic Generations brings two very different kinds of platform game together for the first time. Here’s Philip’s review of the Nintendo 3DS version…