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How Attack The Block redefines the high-concept movie

Paul Martinovic News
May 10, 2011

In the wake of Joe Cornish's excellent Attack The Block, Paul wonders if the film will usher in a new wave of imaginative, high-concept blockbusters...

Lights Out episode 13 review: War: series finale

Paul Martinovic Review
Apr 7, 2011

So farewell then, Lights Out. Paul waves off a series that, really, has ended too soon...

Lights Out episode 12 review: Sucker Punch

Paul Martinovic Review
Apr 1, 2011

Lights Out tempts fate with an episode entitles Sucker Punch. Paul discovers there's no Zack Snyder, but no great episode here either...

Lights Out episode 11 review: Rainmaker

Paul Martinovic Review
Mar 24, 2011

Lights Out struggled to recover its early form, but it's still a strong show, argues Paul. Here's his review of the latest episode...

Lights Out episode 10 review: Cut Men

Paul Martinovic Review
Mar 18, 2011

Lights Out's losing a little momentum as it heads towards what's likely to be its final episode. Here's Paul's review...

Gun DVD review

Paul Martinovic Review
Mar 11, 2011

50 Cent turns his hand to screenwriting as well as acting in the action drama, Gun. Is there no limit to his talent? Yes, writes Paul…

Lights Out episode 9 review: Infight

Paul Martinovic Review
Mar 10, 2011

Excellent character work. Superb direction. Great acting. It's fair to say that Paul remains mightily impressed with Lights Out...

Lights Out episode 8 review: Head Games

Paul Martinovic Review
Mar 3, 2011

The already-impressive Lights Out hits a series high with its latest episode. Here's Paul's take on it...

Lights Out episode 7 review: Crossroads

Paul Martinovic Review
Feb 25, 2011

Why do people fight? It's a question that, not for the first time, Lights Out is interested in tackling...

Lights Out episode 6 review: Combinations

Paul Martinovic Review
Feb 18, 2011

The drama is out of the ring in the latest episode of Lights Out. Here's our review...

Lights Out episode 5 review: The Comeback

Paul Martinovic Review
Feb 10, 2011

Lights Out may be struggling in the ratings, but it's a show that's still worth investing your time in, reckons Paul...

Lights Out episode 4 review: Bolo Punch

Paul Martinovic Review
Feb 3, 2011

The world of MMA crosses with Lights Out, in a solid episode for the show. Here's Paul's review...

Sky Atlantic, HBO, and what it means for British TV

Paul Martinovic News
Feb 1, 2011

The launch of Sky Atlantic brings the unrivalled HBO back catalogue to the UK. But is it the next big thing in television that it's being billed as?

K-20: The Legend Of The Black Mask Blu-ray review

Paul Martinovic Review
Feb 1, 2011

Stylish Japanese genre mash-up K-20: The Legend Of The Black Mask makes its debut on Blu-ray. Here’s Paul’s review of this visually sumptuous epic...

Sanctum 3D review

Paul Martinovic Review
Jan 31, 2011

James Cameron oversees Sanctum 3D, a film that offers a stark warning as to why you shouldn't go diving in caves. But is it any good?

Lights Out episode 3 review: The Shot

Paul Martinovic Review
Jan 27, 2011

Is Lights Out the best new TV series of 2011 so far? Paul certainly thinks so. Here's his review of episode 3...

Paul review

Paul Martinovic Review
Jan 25, 2011

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reunite in Paul, a new comedy about two nerds taking a road trip with an alien. Here's our review...

No Strings Attached review

Paul Martinovic Review
Jan 24, 2011

Natalie Portman's first comedy of the year, and a return to the big screen for director Ivan Reitman. But is No Strings Attached any good?

Lights Out episode 2 review: Cakewalk

Paul Martinovic Review
Jan 20, 2011

Given the disappointing ratings for the opening episode of FX's Lights Out, the pressure's on for episode two. Here's our review...

Lights Out review: Pilot

Paul Martinovic Review
Jan 18, 2011

A new television drama series about boxing, from the house of FX. Paul checks out the premiere of Lights Out...

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